Good Guy Armadyl!

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This game is based off Bad Guy Saradomin by Falcoshin. Just like he noticed how people take everything that Saradomin does and put it in a bad light, I noticed that the opposite happens with Aramdyl.

The objective of this game is to take what the poster above you said armadyl did and put it in a good light, and than come up with something else that aramdyl did (something that seems really bad) for the next poster.

P1: armadyl murdered a helpless kitten
P2: he did it to save the kitten a lot of pain because it was dying.
Next act: armadyl murdered a man
P1: he did it because....

I'll start:

First act: Armadyl tortures a faithful messenger for bringing him news that weren't the best he has ever heard.

10-Jun-2014 20:43:57

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