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i see a lot of A-Z games (games, runescape and songs) so i thought "why not make my own? i always wanted to create my own forum game". my result was this: going from "A" to "Z" with character names. they can be from video games, movies, books, comics, anime or manga


1: the character may not have any inappropriate hobbies or jobs
2: real people cant be listed unless they are found in a game somewhere
3: try not to mention any RuneScape accounts
4: be creative. there are hundreds of characters waiting to be listed (its okay to mention a character multiple times if the first letter is unusual like X or Z, but try to think of another character first)
5: if you list a character many people might not know about, write where they are found. if you list a real person you found somewhere in a game, write the name of the game
6: if the character is known by a nickname, but the real name is known, the nickname is between the first name and last name with quotation marks (such as firstname "nickname" lastname)
7: if the character is known by a nickname and the real name is unknown and the name starts with the word "the", the next word will be part of the A-Z line (example: if there was a character named "The Executioner", the name would be in E, not T)
8: be tolerant. people might list a character or a character in a movie you hate. if that happens, hide your feelings and move along
9: if the character you listed is censored for some reason, say what the censored letter is supposed to be or pick another character
10: you cannot mention player made sims, but you can mention premade sims (such as the Goth family)

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