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Before I even start, my username is pronounced Mar-co-p-s-5. Not Mar-cops-5, Mar-co-p-s-5...Wait, that's not my username anymore. Though that did cause some peril that I'm not going to discuss.
Anyway, the rules are simple: Ask the hardest question you can possibly think of, yes or no, this or that, anything!
-No double posting.
-Awnser the question above you, and ask your own after. e.g.:
Player 1: (Answer)
(Hard Question)
Player 2: (Answer)
(Hard Question)
-Oh, yeah, past Page 20, people don't answer the questions. DO IT. AND BY DO IT, I MEAN ANSWER QUESTIONS. K?
Well, my little thread finally got 1000 posts. If you are lucky enough to get the 2000th, ask a question, like always.
:DMilestones!:D 1st post: Marcops5
10th post: The F.B.I.
20th post: 999999dd
30th post: lVI O O
40th post: Poseidon 300
50th post: Meap rulz
75th post: That guy
100th post: IVIonkey Nut
200th post: Candle Zebu
300th post: Maxed M1k3y
400th post: WreckEm Tech
500th post: Hairy Git
750th post: Fredter
1000th post: Howdia
1250th post: Luke Dyer1
1500th post:
1750th post:
2000th post:
Let the question-asking begin!
To start off, what does chicken taste like?

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