Updates to Artisan's Workshop!

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Hi Mktony,

Congratulations on completing all the rewards in Artisan's Workshop.

Adarajin said:
Modified Blacksmith's Helmet, offers 3 teleports per day to the Artisans Workshop.

In addition to the teleport on Modified Blacksmith's Helmet there is also "Skill's Necklace". which gives teleports to Fishing, Mining, Crafting, Cooking Guilds. The entrance to the Mining Guild is next to Artisans, making it really easy to get to Artisans.

The thing I'd like changed in Artisan's Workshop is the bank at the opposite end to where it is now to make it quicker to the main area most people use, and closer to the entrance for banking after using the mining guild teleport, or Modified Blacksmith's Helmet teleport; but not necessary. I really appreciate the bank chest is there given the bank is just to the north.
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