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Stoic n Vain

Stoic n Vain

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Previously, you could choose which ceremonial sword you'd make.
Now, not only can you not choose which type of metal, OR which variant of that metal type, but it's a random event! You can't choose when, you can't choose what.

Do you know how likely it would be for me to get my desired ceremonial iron sword V mh/oh under these circumstances? Not very! :@

What's worse is that I don't intend to train the skill much more, if at all! I'm already 99 and I have already completed many 100's of ceremonial swords in the past. I can't recall.

Please make it easier to get desired swords. For example:

First option, allow you to choose which sword you're awarded upon completing a ceremonial sword random event.

Second option, allow swords to be downgraded to a sword of your choice.
I have plenty of rune ones, I'd happily trade for iron. Please and thank you.

fyi, I want to keepsake them for fashionscape! O_o
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