Want Specific Ceremonial Sword

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Stoic n Vain

Stoic n Vain

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Previously, you could choose which ceremonial sword you'd make.
Now, not only can you not choose which type of metal, OR which variant of that metal type, but it's a random event! You can't choose when, you can't choose what.

Do you know how likely it would be for me to get my desired ceremonial iron sword V mh/oh under these circumstances? Not very! :@

What's worse is that I don't intend to train the skill much more, if at all! I'm already 99 and I have already completed many 100's of ceremonial swords in the past. I can't recall.

Please make it easier to get desired swords. For example:

First option, allow you to choose which sword you're awarded upon completing a ceremonial sword random event.

Second option, allow swords to be downgraded to a sword of your choice.
I have plenty of rune ones, I'd happily trade for iron. Please and thank you.

fyi, I want to keepsake them for fashionscape! O_o
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Jeremy Cheng
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Jeremy Cheng

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It's a known issue.

Jmod responded:

[–]JagexCel Mod Cel 115 points 2 days ago

Hey, sorry this is still happening - we've had a go at cleaning this up previously but we weren't aware there were multiple instances of the issue occuring.

I've had another go today and we look to have identified what's causing it. To avoid it until fixed, when your sword finishes (the interface closes) make sure to progress through any dialog properly, rather than clicking out of it.

No update on when this fix could come out to you guys unfortunately, hope it's not too frustrating! :(

30-May-2020 21:49:53

Ms Toxicity
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Ms Toxicity

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Stoic n Vain, I see that you have recently bumped this thread again for a response.

So that your thread is read by the Content team, it has now moved to this forum.

07-Jul-2020 13:49:01

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