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Over the last year I have had multiple occasions where players have avoided me in the wilderness because they saw me, saying that their minimaps were HUGE etc,
while I would not have been able to see them, regardless of my own map size.

This doesn't change anything, and I can't find info anywhere.
-But, it's there. So people are able to see players VERY far away.

-Anyone know how?
Because it seems random rn, like only a lucky few have this glitch.
I'm sure they didn't change any game files based on the way they all talk about it.
(None of them seem to know that only they are able to do this, or how they got it.)

Help, it's unfair.

(Don't hate, it's a game and if you didn't bother with the fact that you can kill other players for 1bill+ on a good day then that's your loss.)

14-Oct-2019 16:06:56

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