Eldritch Bow Variant

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Hello Scapers,

This post is for the hope in the future updates the
Shadow Dye
variant of the Eldritch bow will be updated.

All the of the various weapons that utilize the said dye have a distinct "Shadow" look, but when it comes to the Eldritch Crossbow it's literally just a purple dye with some slight animation that's only really noticeable if you look really closely.

When wanting to use this with Shadow elite sirenic or similar things it really still doesn't go with certain items. I would just like it to incorporate more of the distinct "Shadow" form you see with things such as the scythe, drygores, and so on.

I feel it's a minor tweak that wouldn't require too much resource to improve.
Hmmm.. that you Zaros?

20-Aug-2019 14:39:29

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Thread moved to the more relevant forum.
(The Future Game Updates Forum is for feedback on updates already in development, rather than suggesting changes for existing content.)

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20-Aug-2019 15:22:00

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