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Hello fellow scapers. Today I want to talk about the worst example of "dead content" in runescape. MINIGAMES! First off lets list why they are dead. Rewards aren't worth it, they aren't fun and/or very boring, and most newer players don't even know about them. The thaler system has somewhat combated with this problem but only 1 world and 1 minigame get revived for a few days and then the next one comes up next in line etc. Thaler system is too much of a grind and some of the rewards are ridiculous in price. Now for the main topic: PVP MINIGAMES. EOC is the main reason I cannot stand to be in a game of castle wars and get insta killed by someone with max gear. I remember years ago I was pretty nooby and stood some sort of a chance against players in pvp situations. There should be 2 rules when playing a pvp minigame.

Rule #1 Only Legacy Combat is Allowed. Lets face it eoc is a great combat system that has come a long way but the main problem is that the one who ATTACKS FIRST with a STUN is gonna win the fight -_-

Rule #2 No degradable items are allowed. Think about it every good weapon in the game now degrades so if degradable weapons aren't allowed then everyone will have to use their warpriest and godswords.

Finally, the other main problem seems to be the lack of people trying to get a game started. All minigames require a minimum amount of people to be able to start. So JAGEX what you should do is have your own form of bots play the minigames 24/7 in order to fill blank spots to get things going for people. Please people lets add this to the list of unfinished business and make minigames great again!
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04-Mar-2018 04:44:14

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You make some great points! EoC was a great update for PvM but just isn't PvP friendly. I totally agree castle wars just isn't fun anymore. It killed the wildly too.

Rule #1: I totally agree here but you know there'll be those who whine about it.

Rule #2: Again, I'm 110% with you. How would you feel about armor provided in the minigames?

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04-Mar-2018 07:43:23

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Stopped reading at the point you said "Only Legacy Combat is Allowed".

No thanks. No support.

There are already Legacy-only worlds for players that want to play minigames in Legacy only.

Don't force Legacy on the majority of the playerbase who rightly despise it.

05-Mar-2018 01:37:49



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FULL SUPPPPPPPPPPPORT. Maybe to make it more fair is that there should be more legacy only worlds, or make it where there are 2 instances in each minigame, where you can join a legacy instance or a eoc instance to play the minigame in whatever combat choice you want. But I bet more people would come back and actually play minigames if this happened.

05-Mar-2018 03:32:03

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Thought it would be an interesting post, until I read "only legacy combat". Also you realize minigames are dead, because low player base, better content to do and no bots?
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05-Mar-2018 08:18:32

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I totally agree that mini-games need some revamp and hopefully some of the updates in the future will help with that! I definitely agree when it comes to certain pvp mini-games some reworking or at least choice in what types of combat systems are allowed in a game might be a good option. Having an option to make a game all legacy or eoc or a mix of both would be a cool way to appeal to everyone depending on the game/situation or maybe they just wanna switch it up!

09-Mar-2018 00:05:17

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