Seiryu instakill dart - do it!

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Oct Member 2019


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Please, for the love of Saradomin, give us the option to kill the black crystals on Seiryu's back by using an instakill dart on seiryu, when going solo story mode on him. I have babysit him all day today and I can't finish this stupid and useless requirement for a quest.... It is ridiculous, people are prevented on their quest completion because of this, which isn't even following the quest itself.

I even consider not extending my membership if Jagex does not make this possible, or if they do not remove this requirement the quest. It should be sufficient to at least have faced the stupid worm so you understand the story and the black crystals.
I know some things come with necessities, but forcing players to fight an impossible solo battle, is just cruel...

09-Oct-2019 19:27:54

Sep Member 2016


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If you're failing story mode, its probably because you're not jumping down to kill the slimes that spawn and uber heal him.

There's legit no way someone with level 80+ skills should fail story mode, it's that easy.

11-Oct-2019 08:17:29

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