Please fix D2D armour?

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Hi Jagex!

Ok so if I get a clanmate who is super excited about venturing into high level armour...
Then they get that armour...

& because they are new to Invention, they wear that armour (because they are excited about having the highest tier armour they have ever had...)

& then after that, they find out they can no longer augment that armour...

Well because I'm a human being, I pay for them to buy a new set...
I feel it's really poor coding, no doubt there is technical issues, but can you find a way?

Please stop making it trip a flag just because they put the armour on when they are not in combat. Is that unreasonable?
That doesn't seem like great user error management.

If someone gets their highest tier gear & puts it on out of excitement, this should not count as if they have worn it in combat & mean that forever more they can no longer augment that piece of armour.

Can you please find a way to prioritise this & fix it?

Come on, you can do this!
If D2D armour is at 100%, can you make it so that it's augmentable?
Maybe if you unequip the armour, & it is 100%, it resets the flag?


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Person puts on armor.

Armor degrades.

Armor can no longer be augmented.

Armor can't be repaired.

... really, it makes sense. It's called doing your research IMO.
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Steelweaver said:

It's called doing your research IMO.

This is a hard concept for some players. Just look at how many rants/complaints there was when the POF update came (and even several weeks after), because some players refuse or don't know how to do their research.

You know what Jagex should do? Get rid of that warning that comes up when you put degradable items on such as Noxious weapons, which become tradeable again if you repair it despite saying it will no longer be tradeable. Or move that warning onto the degrade to dust armour. Therefore, they don't have to waste too much time changing the degrade mechanics of the armour. If someone still doesn't get the message, then it's the player's problem.
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