A perfect goldsink for OSRS!

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Design a new dwarf quest that allows you to obtain a new part for the dwarf multicannon. Make the quest a long quest so players have to want it for the upgrade! or a dangerous quest that involves research into ancient dwarven technology on efficiency.

It would be called: "Cannon Ammo Belt", or "Cannon Ammo Upgrade", or simply "Cannon Ammo Box", ETC....

This new part is disposable. It lasts only one hour. It is an expanded ammo container that holds an extra 10-15 cannon balls(NO MORE than this) and after an hour of use, it breaks down permanently and you have to buy a new one. (Dwarf technology can only get so reliable right? :D)

So the cannon now holds 40 cannonballs or 45 cannonballs instead of 30.

Anyway, make it so this part is NOT TRADEABLE and can only be bought with gp from the dwarf. Since a lot of gp can be made from multicannon or players willing to spend gp for better xp rates.

Start this disposable piece at around 100,000 gp or whatever Jagex ultimate economic generator advisor is. It has to be a decent amount, but not too little or else it would unbalance the game with xp training. But just expensive enough that it removes gold from the game permanently.

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Regretfully OSRS is plagued with gp/tokens and has been since 2016. Mod Ash admitted it as a concern and proposed a GE Tax (and actually they forced a Duel Arena tax without polls already).

Fortunately, RS3 doesn't have the lack of gp sink issue as it is in deflation thanks to content like Invention, DSF as well as mob drop table reworks. I don't think RS3 players can give much help to the OSRS inflation/gp sinks issues other than expressing their condolence and sympathy.

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