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Noxious Vex

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I disagree on your setup however

I do support the concept where a Death Like Office Coffer could be a simple replacement to greatly reduce Scams/Luring.

This method could also reduce the amount of devastating loss on being PKed which in turn could ultimately revive the wilderness.

however that being said, No equipment or geared players should have a base cost revolving around their Total Level (Not Virtual)
which could ultimately make it so the more you can access the higher your coffer is worth, while equipment you bring could also become an additional tax based on the prices the Death Office provides with 0 items lost on death.

That or provide the Option of this.
base coffer price remains regardless, but upon entering you have the Option to use Death Office Prices to "Protect your Items" or you can refuse to pay it and have items Dropped on Death (Sacrificing feature still available)
If an item is Dropped in the Wilderness its Immediately removed from your Coffer preventing any manipulation of the System and placed in your Coin Pouch.
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