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Laith said:
r759 said:
Laith said:
ModáTimbo said:
1/40 chance at a leg piece (Top, Middle or Bottom)

There's no way this is true :o
I've done thousands of araxxor kills solo and never gotten a drop rate below 1/50 for leg pieces.
Makes me think there are other modifiers that make accounts more or less lucky.
This is seen when players return to the game after a long break and have an insane luck. Or even with newly created accounts. Or ironmen accounts for example.
Would really like to know the factors that affect RNG. Because it obviously isn't as randomized as we think it is.

That's 100% anecdotal. I have a few thousand kills too and my leg rate is around 1/35, about the same as the post under yours. There's a thread somewhere that pretty much proves the drop rate is around this. You just got unlucky.

All of your examples are just silly myths just like killing dinos in dg giving less exp. there's no such thing as "ironman luck", it's a meme lol. There's no magic behind probability/RNG.

I've seen many returning players get very rare drops with minimal effort. It can't be due to chance. It seems that the game adds in an amount of "luck" every day perhaps. Meaning that "luck" adds up over time. Which is why these returning players get these lucky drops.
It also seems that new accounts have a large amount of "luck" when they first start playing and it goes down gradually. This can't be a coincidence. I am sure there's a system behind that.

yes I assume they went out of their way to code that in for no good reason. totally more reasonable than some people got lucky of the thousands and thousands of active players

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