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Hey everyone,

This week sees the next installment of "Drop Rates Revealed", and this time we're spilling all the beans on The Magister, Barrows Brothers, Queen Black Dragon and the Dagannoth Kings! Without any further ado, here they are:

The Magister

First of all, we'll talk about the drop chances and then get into the specifics of obtaining scraps of scripture from phylacteries.

1/18 chance at obtaining a Phylactery (1/17 chance with Luck of the Dwarves equipped)
1/128 chance at a Key to the Crossing
2/128 chance at 10 Vital sparks
2/128 chance at 20 Vital sparks
1/500 chance at Gloves of Passage (Was 1/2,000 prior to 13/11/2017's update)

Opening Phylacteries
40/100 chance at 5 Scraps of scripture
30/100 chance at 10 Scraps of scripture
25/100 chance at 15 Scraps of scripture
5/100 chance at 25 Scraps of scripture

Barrows Brothers

Much like the Liberation of Mazcab drop table, there is a lot of complication involved in finding out what sort of items we want to drop and then actually dropping the items. We will try to guide you through the complex process of how a drop is determined and then provide the chance of obtaining that item.

The number of Brothers that you kill, including Akrisae but excluding Linza, has a large impact on various aspects of the drop table. First of all, how many brothers you kill determines how many rewards you get and consequently how many chances of rare items you have. The number of pieces of loot is (Number of Brothers killed + 1) up to a maximum of 7.

Linza isn't a part of the below. Instead there is a 1/512 chance to roll on to Linza's unique table at the start of assigning a reward. If this is successful then you obtain a random piece of Linza gear (all has an equal chance of dropping after this) and if it isn't then it carries on with the below information.

The chance of getting a unique item at base is 450 - (Number of Brothers killed x 58) to a minimum of 73. So for example killing all brothers the chance is 1/73, or for killing 6 it is 1/102.

If you managed to get on to the unique table, we then try to determine which brother's armour you're going to obtain. First of all, we take how many brothers you've killed and then random it. Whatever this number corresponds to is what sort of equipment you'll get based on the numbers below. Each of the unique items on each brother's table has the same drop chance as each other.

6 - Akrisae
5 - Verac
4 - Torag
3 - Karil
2 - Guthan
1 - Dharok
0 - Ahrim

If this fails, we then see if you obtain some Rise of the Six entry tokens which has a 1 / (20 - Number of Brothers killed) chance of dropping.

If this fails, we then see if the player is eligible for a defender drop and if they are you have a 50 x (7 - Number of Brothers killed) chance of obtaining a defender.

If this fails, then we roll the regular drop table. The loot on the regular drop table is dependent on the total combat level of creatures you've killed in the tunnels and how many brothers you've killed. The maximum number for combined total combat level of creatures killed is 1,000. We then take this number and add it to Number of Brothers killed multiplied by 2. This means that the maximum random roll we can achieve is 1,014. Once we have our random number, we random it and see what drop we get based on the below table.

0-379 - Up to 4,000 coins
380-504 - Mind runes
505-629 - Chaos runes
630-754 - Death runes
755 - 879 - Blood runes
880 - 1004 - Karils bolt racks
1005-1010 - Loop/Tooth half of a key
1011 - Dragon med helm

If you have a Ring of Wealth (or better) active whilst looting the Barrows, you get an additional drop to the ones listed above. This is an additional drop that isn't affected by any of the above; it's just a bonus from wearing a luck ring equal to or better than a Ring of Wealth. You might get:

4/40 - 2 dose Prayer potion
4/40 - 2 dose Prayer potion, 2 dose Restore
4/40 - 2 dose Restore
4/40 - 2 dose Restore, 2 dose Super defence
4/40 -2 dose Super defence
4/40 - 2 dose Super defence, 2 dose Prayer potion
4/40 - 4 Sharks
4/40 - 15 Death runes
4/40 - 60 Mind runes
4/40 - nothing

Queen Black Dragon

This is a simple drop table and doesn't have anything complicated about its unique drops.

1/128 chance - Dragon kiteshield
2/128 chance - Dragonbone upgrade kit
5/128 chance - Royal bolt stabiliser
5/128 chance - Royal frame
5/128 chance - Royal sight
5/128 chance - Royal torsion spring

1/109 chance of a Draconic visage

Dagannoth Kings

Again, another simple drop table without any complication. The only difference is the different unique loot that each different King drops.

1/128 chance of Dragon hatchet from any Dagannoth King

1/128 chance of Mud Battlestaff from Dagannoth Prime
1/128 chance of Seers' ring from Dagannoth Prime
1/128 chance of Berserker ring from Dagannoth Rex
1/128 chance of Warrior ring from Dagannoth Rex
1/128 chance of Archers' ring from Dagannoth Supreme
1/128 chance of Seercull from Dagannoth Supreme

I hope that you enjoyed this week's drop table reveals. Next week we'll be finishing off all of the bosses with Vorago, Corporeal Beast, Giant Mole and King Black Dragon. Don't worry though, we'll be continuing with other drop rates from Slayer creatures, Quest bosses like the Abomination and anything else you'd like to know about! Let us know on this thread, via Twitter, Reddit or of course, homing pigeon.

Mod Timbo and the RuneScape team
Mod Timbo
| Senior Game Designer & Balancer
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I'd like to know some of the following;

Phoenix pets
Dragonstone armor
Demon flash mob titles
BH emblem upgrades
Ancient ceremonial from mages in the kc room and from nex minions
Onyx from the cauldron
Brawlers and crystal acorns from priff elves
Sceptre of the gods
Gemstone armor
RDT - Vecna skull/shield left half/HSR etc
Raptor key parts and weapon rates from opening the chest
TDS limbs/claws and lumps
Lava wyrm weapons on and off task rates
Vinny, from the lost grove
Cinderbane glove on and off task rates
Elite mob weapons (camel staff/wyvern cbow/ripper claws)
Strange token from DG
Slayer creature souls
Nightmare gaunts on and off task rates
Hexhunter bow
Corrupted gem, mainhand and offhand t82 Khopesh from slayer/shifting tombs
Gud rider from goblin raids

27-Oct-2017 11:53:25

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Well, one of the vague drop rates that would be great to get cleared up especially closing in on the Clue Scroll rework is the individual dye rates and what you'll get to be considered a 'miss'.

@JagexHarrison tweeted a 'fun fact' that if you receive 100k in an elite, you've missed out on a Blood dye. Considering there's 50k common table which you can easily obtain x2 thus giving you 100k it's very misleading!

Cheers <3
*Insert something interesting here*

27-Oct-2017 12:33:27

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Wait, 1/2,000 for Gloves of Passage?.... What was the logic in making them that insanely rare, and especially so much rarer than the T92 dual wield weapons? Good to know how depressed I should be when I go for that title at the very least.

27-Oct-2017 12:48:48

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ModáTimbo said:
The number of pieces of loot is (Number of Brothers killed + 1) up to a maximum of 7.

Does this mean you can potentially get 7 armor drops in 1 chest? And by killing 7 brothers, do you roll that 1/73 chance of the unique drop table 7x times, making it 1/10 chance of obtaining any piece of armor?

Edit: Thank you for finally clearing those droprates up, was much needed :)

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byj said:
ModáTimbo said:
50 x (7 - Number of Brothers killed) chance of obtaining a defender


Yeah, what does this mean?

Also can we get drop rates for Miscellaneous journals 16-20 (especially 20) in Dungeoneering?

27-Oct-2017 16:36:35

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