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Wynn Andye
Nov Member 2008

Wynn Andye

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I would love see the drop rates for the Khopesh of the Kharidian! I do Shifting Tombs daily and have had 2 drops of the off-hand Khopesh of the Kharidian.

I am really pleased that the main-hand Khopesh also drops in the tombs. :)

( Shauny referred to the Khopesh in the introduction to these latest drop rates , so I am hoping it is the main-hand ).


03-Nov-2017 19:59:26 - Last edited on 07-Nov-2017 07:02:27 by Wynn Andye

Mario 1
Apr Member 2016

Mario 1

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My Wishlist:

1. Hybrid Armour (Ex: Battlemage)
2. Bounty Hunter Emblems
3. Black Ibis
4. Sceptre of the Gods/Pharaoh’s Sceptre
5. Rogue Armour (from Flash Powder Factory)
6. Shark Tooth (from Fishing Trawler)

I see other people saying Big Fish. I’m curious about it too now.

04-Nov-2017 13:30:49

Tr dl
Aug Member 2017

Tr dl

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I'd really love to see rates for Pyramid Plunder - chance to get sceptre in last room, chance to get sceptre in first 7 as well as black ibis rates with and without camouflage gear.

Other than that I'm very curious about Golden Nymph chance to appear.

05-Nov-2017 13:50:54

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