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05-Nov-2017 19:45:27

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Chaos Elemental

1/128 chance to obtain a Dragon 2h Sword
1/128 chance access the Ancient Warriors' drop table

Rolling to access the Ancient Warriors' drop table will open up a new table where you can try to obtain unique equipment. The full table is as follows:

1/224 chance to obtain a specific unique drop (44/224 chance to obtain any Ancient Warrior's equipment)
100/224 chance at 3 random herbs
10/224 chance at a weapon poison
70/224 chance at four 4 dose antipoisons

Chaos elemental drop 2 loot 90% of the time, does this mean it's around half of all that, or these include the fact that you get 2 loot per kill?

08-Nov-2017 01:54:15



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Hello everyone,

Welcome back to Drop Rates Revealed! After a short break, we're back with some of the features that were most requested by you! After trawling through the feedback for the last blog, this week we have: Revenant drop tables, Draconic visage drop chances, Abomination post-quest boss, Elite and regular Skill outfits, Raptor's chest and key chances, Pyramid Plunder rare drops and the chance of obtaining each base Khopesh!

Skilling pet drop chances will be coming out in the next couple of weeks, but since they're quite complicated we're going to need some time to make triple sure that we're 100% correct.

Without any further ado:

Revenant Drop Tables

To calculate the chance of the Revenant dropping a unique item, we first need to figure out its ghostlevel by taking the square root of the killed Revenant's combat level, which is capped at a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 12. We then divide 60,000 by the ghostlevel to get a number between 60,000 and 5,000. This is then reduced by 5% (if you've completed the Elite Wilderness task set) and then by a further 10% (if you have a Revenant drop enhancer active). This means that your lowest number - and best chance at a unique drop - is 4,275. We'll call this your 'revnumber'.

Your revnumber determines your unique drop:

1/revnumber chance to obtain Ancient statuette
1/revnumber chance to obtain Seren statuette
1/revnumber chance to obtain Armadyl statuette
1/revnumber chance to obtain Zamorak statuette
1/revnumber chance to obtain Saradomin statuette
1/revnumber chance to obtain Bandos statuette
2/revnumber chance to obtain Ruby chalice
2/revnumber chance to obtain Guthixian brazier
2/revnumber chance to obtain Armadyl totem
2/revnumber chance to obtain Zamorak medallion
2/revnumber chance to obtain Saradomin carving
2/revnumber chance to obtain Bandos scrimshaw
3/revnumber chance to obtain Saradomin amphora
3/revnumber chance to obtain Ancient psaltery bridge
3/revnumber chance to obtain Bronzed dragon claw
3/revnumber chance to obtain Third age carafe
3/revnumber chance to obtain Broken statue headdress

2/revnumber chance to obtain a Corrupt dragon item
10/revnumber chance to obtain a piece of Ancient Warriors equipment
10/revnumber chance to obtain a short durability piece of Ancient Warriors equipment
1/revnumber chance to obtain a random Brawling Gloves*
If you didn't get any unique, you instead get 50 x ghostlevel amount of coins.

* Chances of obtaining each skill's Brawling Gloves are equal (1/15 chance), except for Hunter and Smithing which have a 2/15 chance to be obtained.

Draconic Visage chances

All draconic visage chances are 1/10,000 except for Celestial, Adamant, Rune Dragons, Abomination boss, Arhat and Anagami.. It is different for both King and Queen Black Dragon, but those rates have already been revealed.

1/5,000 chance from Adamant Dragons
1/2,500 chance from the Abomination boss
1/512 chance from Celestial and Rune Dragons, Arhat and Anagami

Abomination boss

1/11,570 chance for the Abomination cape
1/1,000 chance for a Dragon full helm
1/50 chance at 5-25 Bane ore
1/130 chance at either Dragon platelegs or plateskirt

Elite and regular skill outfits
1/846 chance for a Gold Nymph to appear in the Lava Flow Mine after a successful mine at the crust

1/10 chance for your next piece of the Lumberjack outfit from Zombie Lumberjacks during Temple Trekking/Burgh de Rott Ramble. (On Hard paths, there is roughly a 61/1,425 chance of encountering the "fix the bridge" scenario. In that scenario, there is a 1/2 chance to spawn Zombie Lumberjacks and if you obtain a piece of the outfit, you cannot obtain another piece in the same scenario.)

1/1,000 chance whilst searching rubble in Flash Powder Factory to have a 1/5 chance to obtain a piece of Rogue armour. (This is increased to a 1/100 chance if you're wearing either the Rogue or Factory mask)

1/100 chance (1/25 chance whilst scoring a perfect ceremonial sword) whilst scoring a ceremonial sword from Artisan's Workshop to obtain a piece of the Blacksmith outfit

Roll a 200 sided die, if that number is under your Cache score, you obtain a piece of the Diviner's outfit from an experience earning Divination Cache.

1/3 chance from taking part in The Pit to earn a piece of the Nimble outfit.

You are guaranteed a piece of the Shaman's outfit from the "Box of summoning ingredients" from the Familiarisation D&D.

To obtain Elite skill outfit fragments, you must be training the appropriate skill (for example, if you want to earn Shark outfit fragments you must be training Fishing). If you've opted in to collect fragments and have the required levels, you will earn 90-111 fragments every 5 minutes. If you're level 99 in the skill, you earn double fragments. If you've achieved enough XP for virtual level 120 in the skill, you earn triple fragments. If you're 200m XP in the skill then you earn quadruple the amount of fragments. There is a 1/2,500 chance to obtain 3600 elite outfit fragments regardless of your level.

The Raptor's Chest and Key Parts

1/512 chance for Key parts 1 or 2 from Wyvern and Ripper demons respectively
1/256 chance for Key parts 3 or 4 from Camels and Archeron Mammoths respectively

Opening the Raptor's chest with a completed key gives you:

1 Huge slayer lamp
10-20 Slayer VIP tickets
2-4 Pack Mammoth pouches
375 Slayer points
1/3 chance of unlocking the Raptor's basic outfit
1/200 chance of either Wyvern crossbow, Ripper claw, Ripper claw offhand or a Camel staff

Pyramid Plunder's rare drops

1/625 chance (or 1/145 chance with the Master Camouflage outfit or Tier 3 luck) to obtain Scepter of the Gods only from the engraved sarcophagus in the 8th room of Pyramid Plunder.

For Black Ibis pieces, the random number can be reduced by several different factors. Without any benefits or buffs, the chance starts at 1/2,300 for a piece of Black Ibis from a jar. This number is first halved (if you are wearing Scepter of the Gods), then reduced by a further 10% (if you're wearing the Master Camouflage outfit) and then reduced again by 3% (if you have Tier 3 luck or better active/worn). This means that your best chance at obtaining a Black Ibis outfit piece is 1/1,003. (NOTE: You cannot obtain a piece of the Black Ibis outfit if you're under level 78 Thieving.)

Khopesh of the Kharidian

1/15,000 chance (1/8,000 chance on task) to obtain a mainhand Khopesh of the Kharidian from the Slayer creatures inside Sophanem Slayer Dungeon.

1/800 chance of obtaining an offhand Khopesh of the Kharidian from opening a treasure chest in Shifting Tombs.

I hope you enjoyed this miscellaneous edition of Drop Rates Revealed. We'll continue with these blogs as long as there's a critical mass of requests for the sort of drop rates you want to see, so let us know. The best place to do so is on this thread or of course through Reddit or Twitter, etc. Skilling pets are on their way but there might be plenty more you'd like to see in the meantime.

Mod Timbo and the RuneScape Team
Mod Timbo
| Senior Game Designer & Balancer
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A few questions about the off-hand Khopesh; first how is it awarded? When a player exits the rope to end the run? Or during the run while breaking urns/looting chests/sarcophagi? Does the luck ring affect it's drop rate? Do the tomb objectives have to be completed? Does it matter if there is only partial completion of objectives? Does the player still roll for the Khopesh if they get kicked out of the tomb from time elapsing?

17-Nov-2017 10:56:54

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