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I think it would be appropriate to get a really thorough overview of the drop mechanics of the very first NPC: the humble man.

And because this probably won't be satisfying to the players alone, throw something boring that the people really want to see like Telos.

18-Sep-2017 21:11:23



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is there anyway they can come up with a way we can change are old recovery question i mean i think about my childhood and all my friends that play runescape still some of us arent frineds anymore and most of the recorverys i had set were things from the childhood just makes u nervouse to think someone could ever take your account so almost 15 years later would be nice to set new questions for account safety and heck i dont even remember all that stuff its been almost 15 years My name is david im 26 years old and im just a 13 year old vet for runescape i love everything about it all the annimation everything simply great but what would really be nice is to see people start acting more mature in game need to see people play the game for what it is stop cheating have fun :)

20-Sep-2017 03:54:09

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