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Hmmm very interesting,

First of all it seems that it would take one on average 84 hours of continuous skilling at level 99 to get the time based skill pets.

As construction is an interesting gp/hr vs exp/hr case, I compared how at 99 construction the time and costs differ to get a pet using either the mahogany table method or oak door method.

Mahogany tables would have you make about 18000 tables on average to get the pet, costing 180m and yielding 15.1m experience. This would take about 30 hours assuming you gain 500k exp an hour.

Oak doors on the other hand would have you make around 25000 on average for the pet, costing 118m and taking 59 hours assuming an experience rate of 360k an hour.

So you could either invest about 53% more gp or spend double the time (94% more time) on construction to get the pet (Note: on average! Praise RNGesus!). Note that this relationship is independent of your construction level and cost is the only variable that changes with the GE prices.
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