Compacted Resources After Max

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Mist Singer
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Mist Singer

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I have my Anacronia Base and Deposit Box Maxed out and my storehouse is FULL.

During a Slayer Assignment I got some Compacted Hides and I thought, "Great. I can bank this and have a bit of extra if Jagex ever comes out with more stuff to build on the island!"

Nope. "A magical force prevents you from banking this item."

Then I thought, "Maybe the hides will just add to the max in my storehouse."

Nope. "You already have the maximum amount of hides that you can hold."


Nope. "This item cannot be disassembled."

Sell? "You cannot buy or sell this item on the Grand Exchange."

So the only option I have is to drop or destroy Compacted Resources?!?! I literally have Dragons, Yaks and COWS in my bank, but for some reason a few compacted hides won't fit.

TL;DR... Let us bank Compacted Resources!
Mist Singer

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Rosa Marie
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Rosa Marie

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Agreed it would be nice if you could at least bank the extra hides etc. The only thing I have left to upgrade is the slayer hub and reading forums that's not likely to happen in a hurry (even after update) My workers are idle and they may become bored and run of (lol). If one gives empathy and solace the the world is a better place

07-Oct-2019 04:02:23

Moon Cookie
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Moon Cookie

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Agreed. I have 800 compacted hides in my inventory. Surely they will be useful for the update in November for the Ranch Out of Time? Please can we have an option to bank any spare resources?

22-Oct-2019 20:38:36

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