Herbicide Hoard w/ Herb bag

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Killerz rz
Aug Member 2018

Killerz rz

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Maybe I'm being a bit lazy but it'd be nice if the hoarder function on the herbicide added herbs directly into your herb bag. Right now it adds them to your inventory than you just click the bag once and it adds all from your inventory into the bag at once. So once you have a full inventory herbs start dropping to the ground again and when picked up off the ground the herbs go right into the bag. I think it would be a nice QoL to just have them added right into the bag that way that way you don't miss out on any if you have a full inventory. When I have my herbicide off my legendary pet will pick up the hebs add they get added directly into the bag so it is not that crazy.

11-Aug-2019 14:53:25

Nov Member 2019


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i'm glad i'm not the only one that wants this. i thought it worked that way out of the gate. i learned the hard way.. Jagex please consider this. you do it with the Gem bag. This is not any different just with herbs!

19-Aug-2019 21:57:05

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