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For the suggestion of a seasonal hiscores for the low-end bosses, create a seasonal hiscores for the 2 low end bosses (regular & hardmode giant mole, kbd) done solely on f2p worlds.

Would be a little interesting to see the giant mole times then.

13-Feb-2018 04:20:44



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Please make these things more regular/permanent! :( I missed the chance last time these ran and i'm dying waiting for them to come back :( I may not have a chance at a title but i'd love to know where I sat! even if only to beat my own times!
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14-Feb-2018 04:26:23

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not noticed this thread hahaha.

but i really like them. id rather they be perm feature. ones which is more ability, than time spent. like fastest time to do x is better than most amount of kills. as thats just who doesnt work full time. as full time workers cant do most of them. even though i was able to be top 100 for imp kills doing imp scroll. fastest dg floor a lot better
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02-Jul-2018 14:07:11

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Tone said:
The only huge problem I see with any pvm one is that mage is extremely op and if you can't afford 5b in gear then you can't compete. The mage auto attack should have never become a thing, but will jagex fix it? Probably not.

Also, maybe make separate highscores for ironmen so they have a chance. Especially for things like dg.

2 years late on the reply but it was fair for them in solo c6 as i came in 2nd to Aj a hcim (pre outfit) 100% in favour of bringing them back, just a wider variety or bring back some the old ones again once in awhile. I agree with a prev post about the possibility of top 3 getting the gold title/crown that would be a brilliant incentive imo.
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02-Oct-2019 08:24:08

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