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first i dont know if this is the right place for this or not, but if it is i have something for yall,
first off make it easier to send feed back or suggestions, it took me around 15 minutes just to find this place that i had to help from someone i know that told me just put it here. Second i want to keep a pin code for my bank in osrs but i was wondering if yall could make it less a pain but letting us key it in via out numbers on the keyboard or have a option to stop the numbers from randomizing the order. Third the battle staffs from zaff can it be changed so we dont have to log out and back in or switch worlds to collect staffs when they are ready, it is just a real little pain but a fix would be so nice. thank you for your time as well as sorry for the bother.

14-Jul-2020 01:17:13

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Welcome to the Forums, umwetoddid. :)

The Ninja team and this section of the forums are dedicated towards suggesting updates for RuneScape 3. As it sounds like some of your suggestions are for Old School RuneScape, you;; want to start your own thread over on the Old School COntent Suggestions (click me!) section. After you've logged on to the website, simply head over there and click the yellow 'New Thread' button to the right-hand side of the screen to start constructing your thread.

I will say your suggestions relating to your Bank PIN would potentially compromise your security if implemented; it should stay as it is. With that said, I'd encourage you to post-up your content ideas so the community can discuss them.
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14-Jul-2020 01:57:59

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I think a good update would be allowing Skillers to reset their combat Skills (Attack, Defense, Strength, Mage, Range, Prayer and Constitution) if they are level 5 or under in those Skills.

There are a lot of Skillers that have accidentally got a Combat level during a quest or while trying to gain access to a certain area and now have an unwanted combat stat which often results in those players leaving the game. I think a simple but reasonable update to the game would be allowing Skillers to reset Combat skills with Nastroth assuming they are no more than 5 levels in that skill. (I.E. 5 Defense can reset to 1).

Just a suggestion

24-Jul-2020 05:11:21

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Hope I'm in the right spot. I was hoping you all could
please tweak Magic Notepaper
(Enchanted Notepaper too I guess)
so it does not interrupt
excavation? I'm not sure if it interrupts other
resource gathering activities
such as mining, woodcutting, et al., but if it does, perhaps you can tweak it for those skills too (if it needs to be done separately for each).


Also, please
allow us to "Use" Magic Paper on already noted items
Good question. Well,
so we can note all other same but non-noted items of course, you silly :P

My sincerest thanks :)
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yo i use the music player a lot and my playlist is full and i'm always having to remove songs i like from my playlist to add ones i find that are cool. can you make like a few different music player playlist tabs (sort of like bank list tabs or bank preset tabs)

nothing fancy just like maybe;

right click the "clear playlist icon" and it says switch to playlist 1 2 or 3?

that'd be really cool because i have a lot of songs i like and its annoying having to go through to re-find songs i like especially when i forget the song names after a while

even better idea: just increase the custom playlist capacity for holding more songs like 50 more slots or something


also we need arposandra
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Please allow the Brooch of the Gods to be used in the shield slot for skilling so that we can still use a scrimshaw. Where were the P.A.G. teams on this?

Keep yourselves safe jaggy.

Edit : Wonderful work from the Ninja team so far, great stuff!

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I would like to see the Yack Track task progress in the chat window be seen through the filter so I don't have to have the game filter turned off in order to see my Yack Track progress.

Who likes to see this all the time? :(
you catch a fish
you catch a fish
you catch a fish
Yack Track task progress: Fishing 250/1,905.

you catch a fish
you catch a fish
you catch a fish

If they make Yack Track show through the filter you wont have to see every action you make in the chat window because you can have the filter on and still see you Yack Track task progress.
I figured since Yack Track is not a one off and is now a reoccurring it could be taken of the filter like urn progress updates are not filtered.

27-Sep-2020 18:45:44

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