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Sir Rahma
Sep Member 2019

Sir Rahma

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Hi, I was just thinking how it would be nice to have an update to mini games in-game to make them more viable again, A lot of the mini games as you know are dead and do not have any players currently playing them.

It would be nice to have a higher tier void set. or maybe some new rewards in current in-game minigames to try to bring some players back.

To be honest their is not a lot of equipment in the current game that can be obtained for higher levels unless you have the couple hundred mill gp to purchase higher tier gear. Personally, I never had the friend base to help me farm for boss materials to craft a weapon of my own( if it's possible to obtain this way). There are a lot of untradeables that higher levels used to use like fighter torso and what not that isn't viable or at least it doesn't seem so to me.

Just some thoughts. if anyone else had some ideas post them below. I would like to read them :D

15-Oct-2019 15:48:19

Jaekob Caed
Apr Member 2011

Jaekob Caed

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I support making minigames viable again but the problem is that once people hit those higher-tier rewards, they'll end up dead again. There needs to be a way to link XP or some other continuous gain through these minigames or they'll not end up being nearly viable enough. ~ Jacob, Prince of the Kingdom of Heaven ~
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15-Oct-2019 20:06:55

Aug Member 2017


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I support.

*sigh* Jagex won’t do anything though. If they’d put the care and thought into them that they put into PvM, minigames would not be in the state they are. I mean, what is Pest Control but a variation of raids or Elite Dungeons? And overtime people have become convinced that minigames can’t be revived because Jagex has tried before unsuccessfully. But what has Jagex actually done to revive them? Graphically updated BA and made the rewards slightly less shitty. Same with Pest Control. And the spotlight mechanic which rewards being afk and not playing. Now people hear the word Minigame and there’s a collective “ugh”.
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