Gem Dragons Adjustments

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I ate all

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A common favourite slayer target for your block list.

Each Gemstone Dragon takes a fair bit of time to kill compared to other high lvl mobs due to their high LPS and require attention due to their specials, yet have worse drops than Dark Beasts. Their rare drops are worth significantly less than slayer monsters of similar level like Edimmus and Anachronia creatures.

Change suggestion: Remove the gem cost for killing them, and have them drop twice on a slayer task much like Dinos, or improve luck with drops like tripling the chance of Rare Drop Table items and Gemstone Armor pieces.

Alternatively buff Gemstone Dragon Armor to like T90, or make their passive effect not cost gems with more costly gem effects triggering less often. Currently it's too unappealing to players in comparison to Warpriest, which grants much more significant effects at no extra cost.
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