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Jaden VI
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Jaden VI

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I understand that most people aren't interested in their POH and that the POH doesn't offer that many benefits in terms of how your house looks and what features you have, but for those who do care about their POH I hope for a future update where you can have more than 33 rooms.

You might think 33 rooms is plenty but when you consider the fact of having 1 of each type of room in your house, you're not left with many rooms to personalise your house how you want it. For example, I have almost every room in my POH I can (Portal/Throne/Kitchen) etc, but this also means I can't extend my dungeon because I've used all my rooms on other stuff.

This thread will probably be left unnoticed and the fact we haven't had this update already probably proves that more than 33 rooms isn't a priority. Just a thought.

Thank you for reading.
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06-Oct-2019 10:43:48

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Never wanted more rooms tbh
What i want is being able to build anything in every room. Which means i can have altar obelisk and repair stand in same room.
Also would like to see free teleport in spell book so poh is actually worth using.

03-Dec-2019 20:19:29

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