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Jun Member 2019


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I recently had the incredible fortune of receiving Diddyzag with just one kill. Now I feel conflicted about ever killing Beastmaster Durzag again because the Examine message gives my total kill count and not the kill count that the pet drop fell on, but I would love to explore this boss more for social element and the other drops it offers. Anyone familiar with Diddyzag would understand how incredible this trophy would be to me. If you could, please implement some message toggle so that we can show off our Total Kill Count or the Kill Count that the pet fell on.

11-Oct-2019 17:00:04

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This idea has been mooted on several occasions but personally I am not in favour of it.

I'd advise you just see past the bragging rights element and continue with BM as intended, and not be too caught up on losing the KC.

12-Oct-2019 05:44:07

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