Sliske's Endgame: Pow Wow

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So, just figured I'd call attention to Sliske's abhorrent use of the word Pow Wow. I know the quest came out like what, three years ago, but that's no excuse. It's never too late to call attention TO THE CRAP that people have been doing to Native Americans. It's not enough to take our culture and make it your own, Jagex? To make the Gorajo and make them vaguely Native American and also just one big meme? To have Sliske use a word that honestly has no basis for being in the game, not even based on lore.

"Guess I must have missed that pow wow on Freneskrae!"

Really, Jagex? Really? Of all the blatant grammatical errors in there, you just had to throw in some blatant yet also passive aggressive racism in there?

A pow wow isn't just any meeting held by people. It is a sacred gathering for members of the tribe and multiple tribes to get together, discuss tribal issues, dance, sing, and be themselves. Now, granted they were gathering on Freneskrae to convene about issues the Mahjarrat were facing. IT'S NOT A POW WOW, THEY AREN'T INDIGENOUS TO THE AMERICAS, AND YOU NEED TO BE BETTER ABOUT THIS CRAP. :P

I fully expect this to be deleted/closed by a mod.

05-Oct-2019 13:48:21

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