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Oct Member 2019


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PVP is kind off dead in rs3

I would like to see more people pking.
Or atleast more people in the wilderness.

I Suggest the following (based on osrs):

- Make PVP worlds both for legacy and EOC, most current PVP based worlds have an empty wilderness (except for the bots at cursed energy). Why not just use this world for this purpose.
- Add more bosses in the wilderness, make the risk higher for some awesome rewards

Additional suggestions are welcome.

+1 if you support this! There is no loss for the community, worlds arent occupied eitherway just create a few worlds for the hardcore pvpers to go to.

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there is a reason why pvp is dead in this version of the game and nothing can revive it. the way it works in this version of the game just isn't fun to most players .
jagex should just import the one good quality to osr , the graphics

01-Jun-2019 19:56:38

som 1s b4ck
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som 1s b4ck

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PVP definitely needs a update in RS3

Its almost as Jagex dont even give a shit about it in RS3 for pvp and just focus on OSRS

Should be a minimum risk of 250k to enter the wilderness (death of 1 itemers)
Add more activities in the wilderness to attract pkers and pvmers
Take the initiative of Wardbands the wilderness in those 15 mins is busiest then entire day put together , why cant they make something that would keep the wildy busy all day
Add more monsters in the wilderness who drop amazing loot, why has their been no new monsters in wildy for YEARS !!!!

29-Jul-2019 19:36:16

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