Can't begin Tears of Guthix

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Hi guys,

Trying to do the Tears of Guthix quest so I can participate in the D&D as well.
Following the Quest guide, the breadcrumb trail brings me to Juna in the Lumbridge Swamp Caves.
Clicking on her has her say "Tell me...a story..." which then gives me 4 options:

1. Okay...
2. A story?
3. Not now.
4. You tell me a story.

None of these gives me any chance to start the quest. Clicking "Okay..." has my character blubber a bit then I get a message about needing at least 44 quest points (I have almost 200) and needing to complete the Tears of Guthix quest to continue (Funnily enough...) and I've exhausted the other dialogue options with her. I've tried relogging, switching worlds, turning it off and back on, etc. I even tried moving ahead and getting the magic stone for the bowl, but Crafting it says "You don't know what to make"

Submitted a bug report but then found out that you don't *actually* get a response for those. Any ideas?

30-Jul-2019 02:08:09

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