Vis Wax Fc V5 Combinations

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I have enjoyed using this forum to help get my viswax. I couldn't help but notice it has been a long time since the price was updated for the rune cost to make the vis wax. I have an updated list here that you could just copy and paste. Made on 15/9/2021. :)

Use these!
Earth 18000
Mind 28000
Water 34000
Body 40000
Air 60000
Chaos 71500
Nature 103950
Law 106500
Cosmic 114000
Astral 122100
Death 123200
Fire 139000
Blood 220850

Don't use these
Mud 229200
Smoke 498500
Lava 500500
Mist 501500
Steam 526500
Dust 587500
Soul 703200

15-Sep-2021 12:31:12

Tiny Aerys
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Tiny Aerys

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tyvm for giving an alternate to mind & body runes,
since they use 2k runes each time, it really needed an alternate !!

tyvm for your hard work giving us the runes day after day !! i really appreciate ! u roxx !!

24-Sep-2021 19:42:11

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