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Welcome to the PkFC recruitment thread!


We are a
Wilderness Warbands FC
that runs every wave, with the aim to help our members loot fully each event while helping to guide and protect each other.

The FC is private for the safety of our members so that Pkers can't find our worlds so easily. This means that you have to apply - either through this forum or our Discord server - to get a rank to join the in-game chat and participate in Warbands events.


FC Name:

FC Size:





Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2 & 3. Rules of the FC
4. Gear Requirements
5. Gear Examples & Ranking System
6. How to Apply
7. Warbands Info & Tips


Update: Applications Closed

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Rules of the Friends Chat


No racist, sexist, and/or demeaning comments in the FC or Discord. Don't spam. Keep non-warbands related comments outside of the FC during Warbands.

Try to join the FC and Discord voice chat at least 5-10 minutes before each wave to prepare. Turn your online status OFF and temporarily leave ALL chats (clan, guest clan, group) by :55. Keep PkFC added on your Friends List.

Call the location of at least 5 worlds in Discord before you start looting (type "take 5" in the wave channel to get a range of worlds to scout). You can get camp locations by talking to Quercus or checking with a Wildy sword 4.
When calling the status on a world, include the World/Location/Tents/Time/Safety in the FC. Refrain from asking for camp information.

Be properly geared at all times with a Beast of Burden filled with food. Returning to camp ungeared because you died is not an excuse and you will be kicked for the remainder of wave.

Alt accounts must wear the team-cape and follow our rules (gearing not required). You must participate at wave with your main if bringing an alt to loot on. Inform the ranks of the name of your alt(s) beforehand.

Do not attack any FC members or alts. Do not give worlds to friends or clanmates, ask them to apply to the FC instead. Leaking to hostile players will result in a ban.

You must help if hostile players show up to camp to attack our FC. If an entire FC comes to crash, you must help defend if our FC decides not to retreat.

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Rules of the Friends Chat


Any loot of high value must be split respectively with everyone who helped.

You must participate at Warbands with us at least every 2 weeks to avoid getting removed from the FC. If you plan on going inactive for longer but wish to keep your add, let a rank know about it in advance.

Following Rules:
Failing to follow the rules may result in a temporary kick or ban from the FC, depending on the severity. Below your application, state the number of characters in your RSN to prove that you've read the rules.

Wars are not mandatory in our FC, but if you want to participate, follow the gear requirements and listen to the calls made by the host in the voice chat.

S/B Supplies:
If you plan on buying/selling Warbands supplies, do not sell them to players outside of the FC UNTIL the world is dead.

If you see an FC member breaking a rule, you can tell them about it but do not chastise them at all. Send a screenshot to a General rank and let them deal with it.

By filling an application you agree to follow the above rules.

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Gear Requirements


Tier 80+ Weapon:
Chaotic, Ripper claw/Blade of Nymora/Sup. Vesta's longsword & Enhanced Excal/Elder Rune offhand, etc
Tier 65+ Armor:
Elder Rune
Tier 30+ Boots/Gloves:
Elder Rune

Tier 80+ Weapon:
Royal Crossbow, Attuned Crystal Bow, Death Lotus Darts, etc
Tier 65+ Armor:
Royal Dhide
Tier 30+ Boots/Gloves:
Royal Dhide, Basilisk/Turoth/Kurask boots

Magic (for pking only)
Tier 80+ Weapon:
Chaotic, Sup. Zuriels Staff, Nox, etc
Tier 50+ Armor:
Lunar, Sup. Skeletal, Starfury
Tier 30+ Boots/Gloves:
Lunar, Ganodermic, Sup. Skeletal, Starfury

Other Requirements
(mandatory for looting)
Mobile perk on your looting gear is mandatory. If bringing non-augmentable weapons (such as darts), augment a piece of armor.
Phoenix necklace for looting. Games Necklace in inventory/bob if going to Rdi/Elm camps.
Charged Ring of Wealth or Wilderness sword to teleport out of up to level 30 Wilderness.
Best Beast of Burden available to you (Pack Yak, War Tort at minimum). No Legendary Pets.
Aegis (great for looting), Ancestor Spirits/Dark Magic (if pking)

If bringing dual wield, bring a cheaper/lower level off-hand weapon (t60+)

If you die, you must return geared. For this reason you should create a Warbands Preset & buy 5-10 of everything you plan to wear.

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Gear Examples


Example/Recommended Loadouts for each style.


Ranking System


- New members, alt accounts
- Attend at least 10 waves without any major issues
- Attend at least 50 waves and consistently follow all the rules
- Attend at least 100 waves and frequently help scout or anti-pk
- Given to skilled Sergeants who are: regular hosts, skilled scouts, anti-pkers (must meet 2 of these criteria)
- Given to excellent Lieuts: frequent hosts, people that enforce the rules & help manage waves
- Given to trustworthy and longtime FC members who help manage the FC and have left a positive mark on it

All star ranks require a good attitude, consistent activity & dedication to the FC.

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How to Apply


First read through the
Gear Requirements
above, then copy the application found below and fill it out. Post the completed application here or in our Discord server, and a Rank will view it when they are available.


1. Current Runescape Name (and recent RSNs):

2. Current Clan Chat Name:

3. Previous PvP/Warbands related FC's and reason for leaving them:

4. State the name of your vouch here (a vouch is required to join the FC):

5. Reason for applying to PkFC:

6. How often do you plan on using this FC?:

7. We use Discord to communicate during Warbands, will you be able to join and listen?:

8. Wars are not mandatory in this FC, but we do however protect each other if hostile players show up; will you be willing to attack them in multi with us?:

9. On a scale of 1-10 what is your PvP experience?:

10. What gear and weapon will you be using?:

11. Are you willing to add “PkFC” to your Friends List? (required):

12. There is an additional question in the rules that requires a response here, please read through them carefully:


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Warbands Info & Tips

· Warbands occurs every 7 hours, and offers xp in Herblore, Construction, Mining, Smithing, and Farming for a daily max of 363k xp at lvl 99. Prayer, Summoning, and Slayer xp can be gained by beaming the camp and killing the boss guarding it.

· You can loot 3 camps & 75 supplies per day; if you die while holding supplies, those will count towards your daily limit.

· Looting from a warbands camp will skull you, and you can receive a Wand of Treachery that will instantly smite your prayer to 0 and announce it to everyone around you. Make sure to drink a prayer potion and re-activate Protect Item prayer.

· Carrying warbands supplies will teleblock you, put you in multi-way combat, and make you attackable by anyone regardless of their combat level. Logging out or hopping worlds while holding supplies will delete them unless you've crossed into a safe area beforehand.

· To
beam a camp,
stand away from the NPCs that are sparring, and click the beam in the middle of the camp to start summoning reinforcements. Repeat this until the two bars above your head have filled.
· · If you successfully beam the camp, reinforcements will teleport in and start clearing the camp. The camp will last for 10-15mins with enough loot for 40 people.
· · If you caught the attention of the enemy NPCs, the beam will fail and no reinforcements will teleport in; you will have to kill the remaining NPCs yourself before you can loot. The camp will only last for 5-7mins with enough loot for 20 people.

· Avoid attacking the General until all other enemy NPCs have been killed. If the General shouts “Someone will pay...” use a stun ability on him, otherwise he will continue with “...and it’s you!” and hit a player with an extremely high-damaging ability.

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Warbands Info & Tips

Oo'glog pools
(requirement: As a First Resort quest)

It's recommended to jump into the two middle Oo'glog pools before wave for the following boosts:
Salt-water spring:
Unlimited run energy for 8-25 minutes.
Thermal bath:
Poison immunity for ~14 minutes. Maximum life points are boosted by 3% for 1 hour.


Camp locations & how to get there

DWF: Dark Warriors’ Fortress,
lvl 10 wild

· Edgeville lodestone and run north

ELM: East Lava Maze,
lvl 41 wild

· Herb patch teleport with Wilderness Sword 1-4
· Waka Canoe from Edgeville
· Corp Cave teleport with Games Necklace
(Summer's End quest req)
and run northwest

RDI: Red Dragon Isle,
lvl 31 wild

· Corp Cave teleport with Games necklace and run east
· Active camp teleport with Wilderness Sword 4
· Waka Canoe from Edgeville and run east

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