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1. Current Runescape Name (and recent RSNs): TearGod

2. Current Clan Chat Name: Fealty Stars

3. Previous PvP/Warbands related FC's and reason for leaving them: None.

4. How did you find out about this FC? (if you have a vouch, state their name): Forums.

5. Reason for applying to PkFC: For some exp loot.

6. How often do you plan on using this FC?: Daily.

7. We use Discord to communicate during Warbands, will you be able to join and listen?: Yes.

8. Wars are not mandatory in this FC, but we do however protect each other if hostile players show up; will you be willing to attack them in multi with us?: Yes.

9. On a scale of 1-10 what is your PvP experience?: 6

10. What gear and weapon will you be using?: Royal Dragonhide & Royal Crossbow.

11. Are you willing to add “PkFC” to your Friends List? (required): Yes.

12. Put the secret word here: tiramisu.
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30-Nov-2019 15:55:36

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for the time being, we will only be accepting applications from people that have a verified vouch in the FC (or from people looking for a re-add)
we've had a lot of new recruits recently so our waves are pretty packed, and sometimes camps even empty on us. this might change in the future, but for now a vouch will be required.


01-Dec-2019 18:32:27

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07-Dec-2019 14:06:41

CM Shaddie

CM Shaddie

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@Merre - This thread is for recruitment purposes. I understand how frustrating this can be, but we cannot allow flaming and shaming (regardless of validity) in recruitment threads. Thanks! They said I could become anything, so I became a torch.

Your friendly neighborhood CM!

07-Dec-2019 18:53:49

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