Sailing to Siren's Shell?

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Hello all!

I'm lost. I completed a voyage to unlock the Siren's Shell island. Since unlocking sirens as crew was a separate icon next to the island, I have to assume I can visit it, like I can the Cyclops' island. I am not able to change the map away from The Arc, however. How do I go to the new island, or have I misunderstood (dare I say, was it misleading)? I've read the wiki but didn't find a clear answer. It doesn't tell me how to travel to Siren's Shell but it also doesn't tell me how to visit other islands in The Arc which I can visit..


19-Sep-2021 01:19:30

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The Arc is currently the only island group in the Wushanko Isles that players can visit.

As Siren's Shell is part of the Skull region, perhaps you will get to visit it in the future.

19-Sep-2021 14:18:51

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