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Hello and welcome to Fast Effigy, the Friends Chat dedicated to assists

Welcome to Fast Effigy, a friendly, family orientated group of people dedicated to helping the Runescape community with assists. If you need help opening an effigy, making a dungeoneering weapon or getting your polypore staff fixed please feel free to hop into our friends chat ‘Fast Effigy’. FE also has a clan and you can read more about its activities on our RSOF thread at QFC 290-291-37-65594371 in Recruitment - Social and Community Clans under the name 'Fast Effigy - Family Clan V4'.

~ ~ ~ ~ Chrissien and Weltmeister aka Turn 2Jesus – FE Co-owners ~ ~ ~ ~

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1.1. What We Do
2.1. & 2.2. Rules – and Why We Have Them
3.1. Rule Changes
4.1. How to Apply for a Rank
5.1. & 5.2. Some Tips for Rule Applicants
6.1. Assistable Skills
7.1. & 7.2. Skill Boosts
8.1. List of ftp and qc worlds
9.1. Who We Are - List Of Star Ranks
10.1. Affiliated Friends and Clan Chats
11.1 & 11.2 Info on Rank Privileges & Responsibilities
12.1. Frequently Asked Questions

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1.1. What We Do

Our purpose is to provide a means for those needing assistance and those wanting to assist to meet in a friendly stress-free chat. In order to achieve this we do have some basic rules that are designed to ensure that the chat operates fairly and that we would encourage you to read if you have not used FE before.

So whether you are looking to max out and get your daily free 30k experience or looking for someone who will happily – and for free - help you to:

~ open your effigies;
~ fix your polypore staffs or ganodermic armour;
~ smith you a dung weapon;
~ help you make slayer rings;
~ help you make a DFS or upgrade your spirit shield;
~ help you with harvesting Fellstalk or Torstol? or

help you with any other assistable skill then please join us in FE where one of the hundreds of assisters who visit us daily will gladly help you 24/7.

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2.1. Rules – and Why We Have Them

We are proud that the vision and commitment of our founders and pioneers - commencing with our origins in our motherclan ‘Assistclan’ (founded in June 2010) and continuing with the birth of Fast Effigy in October 2011- has developed into not only the first but also the most successful assist clan ever. The many thousands of hours invested in the chat by so many people has most certainly not been wasted and we thank you all ^_^

While we, like every successful Runescape Friends Chat, have our share of troublemakers (often the same troublemakers!) our vision has always been to create a friends chat that would be known for its efficiency and fairness towards all.

Its not always been easy but gradually over the past couple of years we’ve relaxed a number of our rules and have adopted what we refer to as a “new approach” i.e. less rules, less kicking and a more friendly and relaxed atmosphere which is both efficient and fair . That doesn’t mean we let rule breakers run riot and we strongly adhere to all Jagex rules regarding acceptable behaviour. If for instance you cuss or use racist or bigoted language you will not be welcomed in FE.

To really simplify it, we have worked hard to make FE what Jagex originally designed friends chats for; a place where friends and strangers can hang out and help each other, in FE’s case specifically with assists. To make this a more enjoyable experience for everyone we came up with some simple rules:

~ absolutely no payments or trading assists; FE is all about fairness and equality;

~ please be fair to others by keeping your post to 1 line and only posting 1x request/offer per 6 fc lines. You can post more often than that when organising where to meet although if at all possible please take this to pm;

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2.2 Rules - and Why We Have Them continued

~ please be fair to others and don't enhance your post to get an advantage (e.g. using symbols such as !!! or the rank only symbols ==; or adding comments such as “only 20k to level, please use me” etc.);

~ please be fair to others and try not to disrupt the fc with topics unrelated to assists;

~ please don't disrupt the fc with questions relating to rules or kicks. If you have any questions please ask in the fc for a rank to pm you;

~ please don't post on behalf of another player. If someone is new to assisting or shy about using the chat please ask in the fc for a rank to pm you/them;

- please do not use qc in the fc or log into FE from a f2p or qc world. If you are muted and need assistance please pm a rank and ask for help. If you are wanting to offer assist you are welcome to remain in our fc and watch for offers/needs and then pm the player. We have in the past experienced tremendous disruption due to bubble qc and it is therefore no longer allowed.

== please mention in your rank application that the purpose of our rules is to ensure that “nobody gets an unfair advantage in fc” ==.

== Fast Effigy kick ranks are allowed to moderate the fc from a ftp world as long as they don't ask for/offer assists; ranks have to follow all the same rules that non-ranks do ==

== Unfortunately accidental kicks can and do happen, especially when the player list unexpectedly adjusts due to a player leaving/joining the fc. If this happens to you please accept our apologies and rejoin the chat after the 1 hour ban has expired ==

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4.1. How To Apply For A Rank

We are always happy to welcome new players into FE. If you’d like to join our family please post here on forums:

~ 1. Why you are interested in becoming a rank and what your goals are for our fc.

~ 2. Have you used Fast Effigy before? How was your experience? Is there anything you like/dislike about our fc or our rules?

~ 3. What is your timezone? This will help us identify a suitable Mentor to help you get started.

~ 4. Have you read and understood our rules and especially our ''New Approach''? How would you explain our ''New Approach'' in your own words?

~ 5. Do we only assist effigies or do we assist other things like dung weapons as well? Please don't post the answer to this question here. Pm the answer to a rank of Captain+. It serves as proof that you have read the first page of our forum thread.

~ 6. Are you currently in a clan chat? Are you willing to join our clan chat? Don’t be alarmed, the majority of our fc ranks already belong to another clan, which is perfectly fine with us. But if you do choose to join our clan you will be able to benefit from our
tier 7
citadel and the 6% experience boost that our clan avatar provides.

== All applications will be evaluated by the following ranks:

* Chrissien (Co-Owner)
~ Turn 2Jesus (Co-Owner)
~ Mr Smith w89 (Rank Coordinator)
~ Also anyone of a Captain+ rank can accept a rank application here on forums = =

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Mr Smith W89

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5.1. Some Tips For Rank Applicants

Once your rank application has been accepted here on the forums you are expected to help call rules in the fc and to thank players.

~ Depending on how active you are in the fc you will get a Smiley 5-14 days after posting your rank application. Depending on how active you remain you will become a Recruit and then get promoted to corporal > sergeant (kick rank) every 2-4 weeks. Please note that Smiley and Recruit aren't considered as ranks. They are still rank applicants and are being reviewed for a rank which is Corporal+.

~ Being overly strict and unfriendly will delay promotions and can lead to demotion. We dislike kick happy ranks who 'bark' the rules and encourage friendly ranks who are relaxed and who show a positive, helpful attitude in the fc. You will get ranked up a lot faster when we see that you can take constructive criticism well and demonstrate a good team spirit.

~ The use of the ==== symbols is restricted to Ranks Only (i.e. Corporals+) and is reserved for final warnings and warnings for serious offences such as offering payments or spamming. It can also be used as a last resort if you get the feeling that nobody is listening to your warnings! We actively discourage the use of these rank symbols for normal calls or minor issues. Please also note you have to be a Corporal+ in order to use them in the fc.

~ If you don't have a kick rank (Sergeant+) yet and you are alone in the fc and rule breakers taunt you or openly challenge you please don’t react. Make a note of their names and/or notify a kick rank either via pm or via our cc. You are not expected to handle such situations alone so please don’t allow them to lure you into a lengthy argument in the fc.

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5.2. Tips Continued

~ You are not expected to spend hours on end in the fc. It is quality not quantity we seek so please only moderate as much as you feel comfortable with. We don't want you to burn out. Also please do not stay logged in when you can't pay attention to what is going on.

==== Many thanks for taking the time to read this. We hope to see you in FE or even on FB (for more details pm a rank) soon - Team Fast Effigy ^_^====

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