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Join "Ancientsouls" Friends Chat

130+ Combat 80+ Armour 90+ weapons

Clan Chat: Chosen Elite

Applications Now Open!


Hello, The Community of Runescape. If you are reading this, that means you're fellow Mini-Gamer, and you are interested in PvP Minigames and perhaps looking to join a Minigames friends chat, so let us tell you what we have to offer. We are a community that who tries to host events daily at a pvp Minigame, having been one of the oldest minigame friends chat alive to this day we can offer you Wars, Socialization, Experience and friendship. We believe in loyalty, and respect, while specializing at Soul Wars, Tzhaar Pits and Castle Wars. We play Mini-games Daily with a fun Environment and group of players,and you will always find our great community in all the minigames for help, socialization and much more.

We are a community that likes to have fun, and is filled with loads of memorial experiences, if you are interested please keep reading!

Once you're apart of our organization your past doesn't matter you become apart of our Community!


- 130+ Combat,
- A Set of 90 Weapons,
- 80+ Armory
- 92+ herblore
- A good Personality ;)


Event(s): On Spot - Around Reset or 4 hours Before.
Friends Chat: Ancientsouls (for 130+)
Clan Chat: Chosen Elite
Teamspeak: Active
Offsite Website: Active
Alliance: United

Mini-game list:

- Tzhaar Pits
- Soul Wars
- Pest Control
- Fist of Guthix
- Castle Wars
- Clan Wars

If you have any feedback(neg or good), Questions ,concerns or ideas please notify myself or any general in the friends chat.

Respect, Loyalty, Trust, Friendship

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Thank you for getting this far on our lengthy introduction! You might ask yourself why put the application as the 3rd post? Well, we wanted to do something different then all the other Friends Chat trying to gain your attention. ;) I hope we have it - Below you will find our application.


Combat level?
Total Level?
Do you have 3 pieces of hybrid and willing to get the full set with our help?
Why pick us? (if someone referred you - name of the user!)
Describe 2 of our main rules?
Will you bump our thread(s)?
Will you be interested in joining our clan?
What Events would you like to see?
Do you have teamspeak?
Are you willing to use Teamspeak if asked?
Do you want to join our Website?
Are you able to have a Friends chat over all vibe in terms of the minigame community?

Do you have any of the following?
[] A set of Level 90 Weapons
[] Defender Insignia
[] 92 Herblore+
[] Minigame Hybrid gear


After posting, a staff member will let you know if your accepted - and you will be added to the friends list, please note we don't accept any scammers or hackers into the friends chat - a background check might potentially be ran on you as a player, before acceptance.
- After posting free feel to join our as a guest. - Chosen Elite - or Come into Ancientsouls FC.
- Please Guest in our Clan if you need any help with our application process.

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About Us!

Who and What are We?

We are a old clan founded in 2010, before that we existed as different clans or friend chats that played multiple mini-games or pvmed since 2008. We came together in 2011 and made 1 clan combining all our friend chats and creating a ever lasting community of trust, friendship, loyalty and pride. We took the Friend chats very seriously and added the vibe of Fun, Social, interactive to just a plan relaxed community and taught each other different attributes in the game, and still do up to this day.

Over the years, we have evolved to fit Runescape 3, as people quit and come back we have stayed the same in our goals and values and always will. Friend Chats are a extension of family, it is loyalty, trust and respect for each other. We grew as a community based on that and still will be.

What we expect?

- Active Membership,
- Positive Behavior,
- Open to Warring Win or Lose,
- Be-able to help players in the Friends Chat,
- Helpfulness,
- Able to handle "Jokes",
- Pride in the Clan,

Friend Chats

We own multiple different friend chats(public/private) that will be shared with you once you have been accepted.

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Introduction to our key Rules

Introduction to our Rules:

As any community or group of people, we need some rules established for the friendly environment’s upkeep and to guarantee everyone an enjoyable experience. This does not mean we are strict, far from that but We have a
Do not Report rule, and do not leak FC information about people or the Themselves.

First off, FC Specific Rules do not include Jagex rules, so we are not going to list them down here. If you don’t follow Jagex’s rules, you won’t receive a clan warning unless Hacking, Scamming, luring and or Botting in which case you will be expelled from our FC - often along with punishments regarding your account (mutes, bans, rollbacks, etc).

It is required for you if you wish to become part of this FC that reporting each other is something that won't be tolerated in this clan or leaking information about the clan chat or players of that clan.
If you are found reporting someone for a low quality reports (such as reporting for offensive language for the usage of foul words) you will be kicked from the clan. If you feel somebody’s intentions are to hurt you, we embrace you to talk to one of the staff (admin+) members. If someone is found to be causing drama, or being negative they will eventually be kicked out of the clan.

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Respect all friend chat/clan chat members (do not flame each other – if you don’t agree private message and explain why you think your right without vulgar words. The individual obviously doesn’t know where you’re coming from,so do a better job to set a example.)

Flamming will be held to a minimum unless, the fc/cc or a member is being talked bad about then you are allowed to defend, ty kiza for the example.

Do not defend the enemy we’re facing off against – they are the enemy because either they hacked, scammed,backstabbed someone from our friends chat – so it will cause drama to defend.

Do not attack friend chat members – (unless games are in free for all mode,green portal or fight was asked).

Do not report people in the fc or cc – (we a community, we do talk in inappropriate manner at times – if the talk is offensive to someone we will tell them to stop.).

Do not power abuse – if someone is asking a question they simply don’t know the answer, so answer it and explain.

Do not ask for ranks.

Do not go against the friends chat, or spawn people in the Friends chat.

Do not Leak information about players in the friends chat or the fc/cc itself.

Do not talk bad about players in the friends chat, try to resolve the issues,try to attack people outside the friends chat over people
in the friends chat.

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Ranking System Introduction


A correct ranking system is required to maintain a FC fully working. These allow us to divide tasks and duties and to organize everything within the clan.
We rank once a month
and As such, a rank does not only mean higher prestige, but also carry with higher responsibilities. Being ranked up means you need to foresee yourself taking on more tasks than lower ranked players.

Things that will help with rank ups:

- Recruitment,
- Advertisement,
- Idling in the Friends Chat,
- Teaching people how to be better at something,
- Bumping Threads,
- Activity in wars, events, Crashes and Antis,
- Positive Behavior,
- Defending Players who are in our community and the Friends Chat itself.

How Ranks are done and important information:

- All Ranks are done, once a month on the First Sunday of the month.
- Taking a Leadership Role or Hosting a event will get you noticed faster.
- Star Ranks are voted on to some level.
- Smiley, means trail period – promoted to recruit if passed or Friend of the FC.
- Person being ranked or promoted will be asked if they want to be ranked or promoted.
- If unable to keep up with the demand of silver/gen you will be deranked after 2 warning.
- Stars + Must be Attending Majority of Wars.
- Promotions are given by asking the fc " who deserves a promotion", 2-3 people must mention your name.

The General/Captain Rank Vote

- A vote for your leader, a helper, an all doer! Your friend, someone who will die to protect the friends chat and its members.
- In order for you to be nominated you must be mentioned by at-least 10 people on promotion day (sunday).
- You must be a silver star for at-least 1 Month.
- 90% of majority casting the vote must say yes, with a valid reason.
- Done Privately or Publicly.

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Ranking System

- lead entire friend chat, be able to handle people, solve dramas, play every game lost or win, doesn’t need to be told what to do – they just know,able to take over multiple jobs, call,obby,collect,etc able to give out promotions and derank –final say on things, must show neutrally to the entire fc (doesn’t pick friends) represent the friends chat,anti crash when needed, respect ranks, assign jobs to people and set a great example.

Side note:

Generals are Voted on.

– show leadership, maturity in kicking, and behavior towards others positive. Be able to take over calling or other jobs in the friend chat – this is a kick rank so when friends chat needs cleaning please do so, deal with drama, advertise, recruit, (calling bad or good needs to be done by silvers atleast once in a while), anti crash, good at multiple jobs, show leadership and set a example,assign jobs to people respect ranks- plus lieutenant, been in the friends chat 4-5 months.

Side note:

Attitude and behavior (leadership) is vital key for silvers.

- Mature behavior towards others(no flaming etc) , be able to, advertise, anti when needed call atleast once in a while, help the fc run more smoothly by taking over jobs, considered to be a elite player at a respective minigame, loyalty, respected plus sergeant, been in the friends chat 3-4 months.

Side Note:

All star ranks are required to take over a job if no one is doing it (Don't have to be good but you tried, and are required to anti when asked or needed)

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Ranking System

– be good at a respective minigame calling, collecting,capping,defending or pvping,(etc) must have good attitude, know the friend chat rules, advertise etc. plus corporal, been in the friends chat 2-3 months.

– learning the ropes, loyalty, and respect is familiar with clan/friend chat, has come to a few events and antis, been in the friends chat 1-2 months.

– has passed the trial period and is a new member of ans – knows the rules, Been in the friends chat for 2-4 weeks

– we have shown a interest in you or you in us.- you are in a trial period. (able to play called/green games) the individual must play games in which we are anti-ing need anti, without leaving if passed then is promoted to recruit – this is voted on generally, by asking in the fc if the person passed or not and answered in pm, or in public depending on whoever is answering or simply by the person doing rank ups.

Advertise + Host Events + Community Work And Leadership Actions =
Faster Promotions

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Friend Chat Modes

War mode
- WE ARE IN WAR! All low levels, off worlders/lobbiers will be kicked with 30 second warning, All ranks are required to attend war(serious wars will have WAR MODE as friends chat name).If your name was called out, and you do not attend you will be deranked by one rank.

Called Games
- We are Not in war, but we are just calling games for a event or for other reasons.

Green portal mode
- We are just Green Portaling and have fun with each other.

Standby Mode
- Socializing, talking recruiting, basically you are able to do whatever you want.

- We do not host ties in friends chat unless training.
- All F2P Accounts are kicked
- Lobbiers might be Kicked

Types of Rules and Kicks/Bans

Warning Rules
- Warned 2 times then kicked, able to return in fc, happens again and banned. (Going against Friends chat by mistake, Flamming, etc)

Ban Hammered – Kos rules
- No warning banned, - you will be told why you are banned, and be able to defend yourself. (scamming,hacking, Leaking, etc)


*GC = In-Game Caller - A person who calls.
Call = Color - Team Called
Coll = Collect - Someone who gets Souls
Obby = Obelisk
Ava = Avatar
Fi = Fall in - Follow the person whos saying it
Aids = Bandages
Cades = Cades
Def = Defend - Defend
DD = Death Dot - Stand on top of Each other
OM = Off Maging - Someone who mages people as players run.
Capp = Capture the Flag

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