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Strategy for completing Vault of Shadows

The Vault of Shadows miniquest requires an active Pylon, or for you to activate the 8 shadow anchors in Kharid-et with 10 batteries each. Now that the active pylon is getting really slow (10-20 hours) it may be impossible to find a suitable time. Furthermore, the 30 minutes is often not enough for people to finish everything they need to do.

Hints and tips:

Consider collecting 80 batteries and charging the shadow anchors. This is a permanent unlock! See fast battery method post below.

The fastest way is to do 3x Zaros-1 collections (or 1x Zaros 2 collection if you have those artefacts in bank), and hand them to Soran the collector south of Varrock West bank. You will collect the remainder of the 80 batteries easily whilst doing these.

Note that for the first time ever you hand in Zaros-1, you will get a relic piece reward instead of 20 batteries, and in that case you may need to do 4x Zaros-1 .

It may seem like a waste of time, but you will get good XP, potentially tick off some achievements, and the ghost legionnaires give you noted materials rewards.

1. Make sure you have everything else done and ready. 30 minutes is only just enough time to do everything than you need to do after the pylon goes active!
2. Check you have a ring of visibility with you just in case! Several players have found they needed it even if they thought the "gift of sliske" would give them permanent access to see the shadow realm,
3. Good luck!

The 500 memories can easily take a lot of time, so try the w79 group divination world for shortest time to collect as they have almost constant enriched pools. The minimum you need is vibrant energies or higher.

for more detail, in game type:
wiki/zaros 1
wiki/shadow anchors

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Time to get 80 batteries for shadow anchors

PylonFC fast batteries method

collections for Soran -

collections for Soran -

excavation -

You should get around 1 battery every 74 seconds, or 49 per hour. 80 batteries will take around 100 min.

* i tested using full lvl120 arch outfit, cosmic accumulator but not following the sprite. you will be a bit slower at lower levels but it also depends a bit on how lucky you are in getting no duplicate artefacts. Zaros-2 duplicates take much more time than Zaros-1 duplicates.

Zaros-1 it took me 38min to get the collection with 7 extra artefacts. I got 17 batteries during that time as some time is spent in areas where you get no batteries. I made 100k in chronotes after accounting for the material costs.

Zaros-2 it took me 100 min to get the collection with 5 extra artefacts and 65 batteries during that time. As such i had 35 batteries extra. I made 450k in chronotes after accounting for the material costs

Of course check if you have any artefacts already in your bank, as that should speed things up!

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Cannot finish Vault of Shadows in time?

That is no problem, as you can always use another button on the wall to get back into the vault. E.g. the one just east of the war table on the wall next to Culinary remains.

For fastest way to do the divination part of the quest:
1. Do it on w79 divistion world and collect enriched wisps
2. switch the divination sink to "energies" instead of "xp"

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Maximize Artifacts Recovered/Hour

This is really only useful for low level artifacts, but, if you're the type of player that pays constant attention to the game (no, this isn't for you AFK'ers) you can gain about 5-10 more arts per hour than usual...

Basically, to gain more artifacts, try not to let your artifact bar fill up at the same time that your Sprite Focus reaches 100%

If they fill up at the same time, the bar fully resets no matter what... This is not good... You're losing out on the x5 (or whatever you have currently) precision multiplier... But it's easy to avoid...

What I do
: If they are both about to fill up (artifact bar and Sprite Focus), I switch to a rock that doesn't have the sprite for the last swing to gain the artifact, then switch back to the spot with the Sprite... This way I gain the artifact without increasing Focus, then get the x5 Precision multiplier when I switch back to the previous "Sprited" spot to start off my new bar with a nice boost...

I've tested this for a few hours now at Castra Debris (Kharid-Et) and have been gaining 5-7 more artifacts per hour than I was before... Could be even better with other spots...

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