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Welcome to Fast Sc, the World 99 Non-Combat Stealing Creation Clan!

~ Est. January 2009 ~

Our Motto: Where Friends Are Gathered As Much As Clay

Fast Sc is a non-combat Stealing Creation clan whose goal is to provide safe and fast games for all our members. By working together, we consistently finish games faster than the regular full-combat Stealing Creation worlds.

The main focus of non-combat Stealing Creation is collecting and depositing clay. Once all the clay has been depleted from the game map, the timer drops to one minute left regardless of how much time is on the clock. In the long run, you're saving a lot of time!

While we do value speed, safety is our biggest concern. We play all our games on the clan side of Stealing Creation so that our ranked leaders can keep out those who wish to disrupt our games. With cooperation and teamwork, we can deal with them quickly and efficiently and continue to play fast, fun, and friendly games!

We strive to make fair decisions at all times. Unfortunately, sometimes we will make mistakes or errors in judgement. We ask that you appreciate that we are volunteering our time to offer this service to the RS community.

During times of chaos in the fc our ranks may have to come down harder on rule breakers. Do not hide behind our '2 warnings before a sit' system as you may find that on rare occasions this system will NOT apply. Our ranks have our full support.

We also have a Discord server available which may be joined here:

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1.1 - Introduction
1.2 - Table of Contents
1.3 - Clan Information
1.4 - Our Awesome Ranks
1.5 - The Use of This Thread
1.6 - Basic SC Information
1.7 - How to Play SC
1.8 - Rewards
1.9 - Helpful Advice
1.10 - Clay Calls & Acronyms

2.1 - Quick List of Rules
2.2 - Basic Rules
2.3 - Basic Rules
2.4 - Regarding Rule-Breakers
2.5 - How To Host a Fast Sc Game
2.6 - The Quick List of Leading
2.7 - Leading
2.8 - Leading
2.9 - Handling a Pker
2.10 - Splitting Games

3.1 - Information about Ranks
3.2 - Becoming Ranked
3.3 - Application Procedure
3.4 - Application Template
3.5 - Rules for the Ranks
3.6 - Rules for the Ranks
3.7 - Leader Report Template
3.8 - Fast Sc Smileys
3.9 - Fast Sc Smileys Summary
3.10 - Reserved

4.1 - Famous 99s List
4.2 - Famous 99s List
4.3 - Famous 99s List
4.4 - Famous 99s List
4.5 - Famous 99s List
4.6 - Famous 99s List
4.7 - Famous 99s List
4.8 - Famous Skill Mastery List
4.9 - Famous Skill Mastery List
4.10 - Reserved
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Our main chat channel is Fast Sc. You can join this fc by going to the Friends Chat tab, clicking the 'Join / leave a Friends Chat channel' button, and typing the name 'Fast Sc'.

The official Fast Sc clan chat is open for the community and you can join here.

When we start games in the pens, we use the channels Fast Sc456 and Quick Sc456, also accessible through the Friends Chat tab.

This means that at the end of every game, you will need to hop into whichever chat you belong in. For most players, that will be Fast Sc456, with the exception of an Anti-Pk team which will join Quick Sc456. This small team will preferably be hand-picked by the leaders at the time. Requirements for joining that team will be explained later in this thread.

In the event that no ranks are present to start games, a player will usually volunteer to use their own friends chat (fc) to start games. The best way to find out the starting friends chat is to join 'Fast Sc' when you arrive at Stealing Creation and ask what the starting fc is. This is the fc you need to join to enter the game (unless you are picked for the Anti-Pk team).

Our games are ONLY played clan side, which is the large pen opposite the 2 smaller ones.

Our rules are designed to keep our games safe.
Please respect our ranked leaders. They are here to offer you a safe and enjoyable experience, and to enforce the rules we have set.


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Ang3l F1sh

Honorary (Retired Owners):

Blasfomy - Founder
Thunder Jinx
Hina RS
Lunar x Lady
Eternal Rach
Jazzy Jenna
A Cappella
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Chief Pray

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Kyle Twin
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This thread is NOT a place for you to run in order to post your rants against our clan, our rules, or our ranks. This thread is here solely for the purpose of further rule/procedure explanation, leader reports, friendly suggestions, and general fun and encouragement.

If you have a problem with something we are doing; something one of our leaders did; if you disagree with one of our rules or procedures; or with anything that has happened in game, you may post a simple message asking an Owner or General to add you, and a member of our Admin team will contact you at their earliest convenience to try and sort the situation out. Please either have your PM turned on or add the members of Admin, which you can find named in post 1.3 of this thread.

If you decide to use this thread for anything other than the functions listed above, especially if you do so in a defamatory manner, we will have your posts hidden, and we may ban you from this clan's activities. Previous threads for this clan have been derailed for pages by incidents like this, and we will NOT tolerate it in this thread.

If you are asked to cease a certain conversation, we expect that our request will be adhered to.
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SC (Stealing Creation) is a safe minigame where 2 teams compete to collect clay, make tools, make weapons and armour, and kill each other to earn as many points as possible. To get to SC, run to the Gamers' Grotto north of Falador or use the Gamers' Grotto teleport on a Games Necklace. Once in the Grotto, run north to arrive at the SC pens. It is recommended to start the tutorial on SC before you play.


• • • • • •

There are 2 sets of pens on the east and west sides of SC. On the west side, the pen is split in half between Red Team and Blue Team. This is what is known as Free For All (FFA). You can choose a team to join; after 2 minutes the game automatically starts as long as there are 5+ people on each side. The pen on the east side of the SC lobby is what's known as Clan Side. On this side, you will be required to join a friends chat to get into the SC game with that group of people. You will need 2 friends chats in which 2 leaders will challenge one another to start the game. To start, you need at least 5 people in each fc.
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Once the game of SC starts, you will be inside one of the bases. At this point, leave the base and start collecting clay! There are 5 classes of clay. There are also different types of clay: fragments (class 1), and rocks, swarms, pools, and trees (all ranging from class 2 to 5). While fragments have no level requirements to collect, rocks, swarms, pools, and trees require levels in mining, hunter, fishing, and woodcutting respectively. Class 2 resources require level 20 to collect, class 3 require level 40 to collect, class 4 require level 60 to collect and class 5 require level 80 to collect. What you want to do is collect the highest class of clay you can and make items to rack up points. To make items, take the clay to Creation Kilns. Here you will see a list of options on what to make, like weapons and tools.

Making different items at the Creation Kiln requires different skills:

Construction - makes barriers
Cooking - makes food
Crafting - makes nets, harpoons, and magic/range armour
Fletching - makes range weapons/ammo
Herblore - makes potions
Runecrafting - makes runes
Smithing - makes pickaxes, hatchets, and melee armour/weapons
Summoning - makes clay familiars and summoning scrolls

The higher the tier of clay is, the better the resulting product will be or - in the case of runes and scrolls - more items per clay are made.

Once the '1 minute remaining' warning flashes up, run back to your base and click on the table in the middle. This deposits everything from your inventory and turns them into points. When the game ends, you will see a summary of how many points you ended with, and how many SC Points you were rewarded.
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SC points are based on your score in-game. Visit the rewards shop north of the clan side pens to spend your points on armour, weapons, or tools. These rewards grant you a limited amount of bonus xp. Once the xp has been claimed, the armour or tool can be recharged with 20 SC points.

Proto-tools and Volatile tools, which can be transformed into any SC tool used in-game, cost 20 SC points. Proto-tools give 24,450 bonus xp in one out of several possible skills. Volatile tools give 29,340 bonus xp; however, you are unable to select what tool it transforms into when bought. Proto and Volatile tools can grant bonus xp in the following skills:

Construction (hammer)
Crafting (needle)
Fishing (harpoon)
Fletching (fletching knife)
Hunter (butterfly net)
Mining (pickaxe)
Smithing (hammer)
Woodcutting (hatchet)

Tip: Volatile tools will retain their shape even after you gain the bonus xp, so it is recommended to buy these tools, revert them until you get the tool you need, and recharge and store them for the future (uncharged tools stack in your bank) in order to maximize your points and xp. It is important to note that reverting a volatile tool 10 times will destroy it; each time you revert a volatile tool will cause the tool to lose 10% of its potential bonus. However, once you do receive the tool you need and recharge it, you will receive the full 29,340 bonus xp from the tool as long as you do not revert it.

Sacred Clay armour and weapons can be bought for bonus xp and can be transformed into magic, range, or melee armour. Each piece of armour will grant 24,450 bonus xp. Because of this, it is recommended you buy Morphic head armour which only costs 24 points. Once your Morphic armour/weapon is drained of its bonus xp, you may equip it; its stats are equivalent to level 50 items. Please note that Morphic shields DO NOT grant bonus xp but can be transformed into different combat classes.
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SHARING IS CARING! If someone asks for clay to make a tool, PLEASE give it to them. You'd be surprised how much faster a game goes when not everyone has to spend time collecting that first high-level clay. You can also help by depositing tools into your base for players to use. Removing tools from the base is allowed, as this helps you gather clay faster.

Call, call, call, call, call! We cannot stress enough how important it is to call clay locations in the fc! Even if you are personally unable to collect a certain kind, call it out! This way, those who can collect it know where to find it. Please refer to post 1.10 to learn about our clay calling system.

Start out each game by collecting a fragment (level 1 clay). Process it into a tool that will allow you to collect a higher level (2 or 3). It is not advised to use a tool that is more than two levels lower than what you are collecting. Work your way up to the highest level of clay you can collect, and then work your way down as the higher level clays get used up. This will not only gain you the most points, it will also make sure that we don't end up with high-level clays that only a few can harvest, while the rest of the players are just standing around with nothing to do.

The best things to process your clay into are things that are stackable. First choice is summoning scrolls or runes as these will stack no matter what the level of the clay. Keep in mind that scrolls are of no use to a pickpocketing pker, so these are the best option. Second choice, if you don't have high enough levels for those, is arrows. The drawback to this is that you will use up to five inventory slots, as each level of clay stacks into a different kind of arrow. However, if your Fletching level is better than your Runecrafting and Summoning, this might be your best choice!
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Calls often use the following system: 'c' which stands for class, followed by the level of the clay, followed by the type of clay. After that, state a cardinal direction or a direction relative to one of the bases. For example, 'C4t w wall' tells us that there is a class 4 tree at the west wall. Kiln location calls are helpful on larger maps, e.g. c3t + kiln se corner. You may also find it useful to call out when an area is clear of clay so players know not to look in that area, e.g. rb cleared.

Below is a list of acronyms or words that Fast Sc uses to communicate quickly but efficiently in our chats.

• •
Clay Calls
• •

= C - class
= Frags/rags - fragments
= #2-5 = level (class 1 clay are fragments)
= T - tree, R - rock, S - swarm, P - pool
= D - dead
= Clear - an area on the map is clear of clay

• •
• •

= N - north; nw - northwest; ne - northeast; rb - red base (northeast corner, ne is usually called as rb)
= S - south; sw - southwest; se - southeast; bb - blue base (southwest corner, sw is usually called as bb)
= E - east
= W - west
= mid/centre - middle of the map (may be combined with a direction, e.g. c2r mideast)

• •
In-Game Terms
• •

= Fc - friends chat, e.g. 'Rejoin Fast Sc456 fc please'
= Anti - anti-pking/5-man team
= Start/main - general/normal team
= Pp - pickpocket, e.g. 'Do not pp without permission'
= Pk - player killing
= Freeload - not collecting clay by standing at base / hiding
= Otc - on the clock, e.g. 15 mins otc
= Toc - time on clock, e.g. 'What is toc?'
= Depo - deposit
= Clanside - pens that Fast Sc plays on (the pen without the middle divider)
= FFA - free for all (the pen with the middle divider)
Fast Sc

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