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Games Report 08/16
IGN: OGsurf
# of Games: ~11
Smilies Present: Lenszel :D
Ranks Present: Phid & R J M
Helpful Players: Lenzel & I did callouts
Combat Players: i learned that giving permission to pickpocket, if abused player can accidently steal entire stack of runes :d
Notes: the colon can hold ~10lb of poo

16-Aug-2018 06:07:44



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Hello lovely players!

As most of you know, this weekend (August 18th - 21st), everyone will be rewarded double stealing creation points. Because of this, we'll be expecting quite a lot of players in our games. To make sure games will still be running fast and smoothly,
we are going to split games across multiple friends chats and worlds
. When games are being split, this will be announced on time in the Fast Sc friends chat and the process will be explained so everyone knows what's happening.

As part of this process,
we will be closing games on world 99 over the weekend
. This may seem counter-intuitive, but it will help us better control the population of each friends chat, as if we keep games running on world 99, it will always be overcrowded. This is as much to your advantage as it is to ours - while 200 player games might sound like fun on paper, in reality, we discovered during the first minigame weekend that there is a cap to the map size, so there is not nearly enough clay to go around. Keeping each world to a smaller number of players will help ensure that everyone is able to get as many points as possible, as well as making games more manageable for our ranks.
Rather than running games directly out of the Fast Sc friends chat, we will also be switching it to a hub chat, with ranks there to direct you to an appropriate split friends chat and world

Continued in next post...
Fast Sc

16-Aug-2018 09:34:21



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Due to the games being much more hectic than usual, we will need to be stricter on rule breakers than usual.
Anyone found to be deliberately pking will be instantly banned across all our games for the duration of the weekend
. Pking causes a major interruption so we have been forced to adopt this zero-tolerance policy to help ensure that games can keep running as orderly as possible.

To facilitate this, we will also be changing the rules for hosting for the weekend.
Instead of using personal fcs, all games must be hosted out of our official start fcs, which will have fully up to date ban lists
. This way, no pkers will be able to sneak back into games after a host change if the new host didn't know to ignore them.
Any volunteer hosts will be given a temporary rank in these chats to be able to start games
. Please note that despite having a star in the start chats, they are not ranked representatives of Fast Sc, but merely players such as yourself who have offered to help us out by hosting games. We would ask all hosts to give us a 1-2 game warning before you need to leave, to give us time to find a replacement and make sure they get added to the start fc.

We hope everyone will be patient and listen to our ranks when games are being split (or when games are put back together when they are getting smaller) to make sure everything transitions smoothly and games can continue running with as little downtime as possible.
If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with any of our generals or owners




Ang3l F1sh

We hope to see you all in games this weekend!
Fast Sc

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Minigame weekend is upon us! We currently have two worlds going:

World: 88
In-Game Chat: Fast Sc2
Start Chats: Main2 / Anti2

World: 77
In-Game Chat: Fast Sc3
Start Chats: Main3 / Anti3

Hope to see you in games ^_^

17-Aug-2018 14:50:22

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Jazzeh said:
Bumpity! Minigame Weekend hype! :D
Ceecs - leader of Ceecs Clan
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Ceecs Clan: DUTCH ONLY RS3 clan & Winner of the Iron Skilled Cup 2015!

17-Aug-2018 18:47:59

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