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Orion Fowl

Orion Fowl

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¤ What name do you go by: Orion Fowl

¤ Skill Total: 2444

¤ Combat Level: 131

¤ How Many Hours Would you Estimate you Play per Week: between 1 and 100

¤ What are your long-term goals (In RS): Master quest cape and have fun.

¤ Your Timezone: EST

¤ Do you Know Anybody in our Clan: No

¤ What Bosses can you do: Giant Mole, Bork, KBD, Chaos Elemental, Barrows Bros, Almost QBD

¤ What Bosses would you like to learn or improve at: Zilyana, QBD

¤ What Gear do you currently possess: GWD1 armor, SGS (passive), Royal CB (just barely tabbed in time to die in my house), Arma BS.

¤ Have you Read our Prerequisites and Rules of Conduct: Yes

¤ Do you Have any Friends That may be Interested in Joining: No

¤ If Applicable, Which Clan Were you a Part of Before us:

¤ Do you use Discord and Would you Feel Comfortable Partaking in voice communication: No

¤ Is There Anything You'd Like to say in Addition:

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