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[ ] Clan members who you know/know you and you pvm with already. (List of Names)
Main Reason for Application? High level Pvming
Favourite Boss? Rago
What time zone are you a part of? EST
Will you actively be in clan chat? Yes
Would you be interested in progressing through the clan? Yes
How active will/can you be bossing while in clan? Very
How did you find out about us? Tannerr & Enraging
Previous clans and RSN of owner of last clan? Carnival - Clown
Will you use our Teamspeak often? Yes
Do you have any questions about our rules, requirements? No

Needed reqs:

[ y] Frozen Key
[y ] Draken’s Medallion(not if max/comp)
[ y] Drygores / Nox Scythe
[y ] Ascensions / Nox Bow
[y ] Seismics / Nox Staff
[y ] Overloads / Supreme Overloads / Salves
[ y] All Superior Elite void armours
[ y] All nex boots or t90 power boots
[y ] Asylum Surgeon’s ring
[y ] Ring of Vigour
[ y] Dragon Rider Necklace
[ y] Reaper Necklace
[y ] Amulet of Souls
*y ] Tuska wrath+corruption shot+corruption blast
[ y] Dreadnips
[ y] All 3 kiln capes/max/Comp Cape
[ y*Storm shards and onslaught

Please tick any of the following in your application if you do have them:
[ ] All Superior Ports armours
[ y ] All t90 Power Armours
[ ] All t90 power boots
[y ] 99 Divination
[y ] Enhanced Excalibur
[y ] Ring Of Death
[ y] Access to Seren Spells / Abilities
[y ] Completionist cape
[y ] Max Cape
[ y] Quest Cape
* *Dominion Gloves

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