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1.1 - Introduction

is the name of the fc that makes the batwing clad warband skillers cower in fear. There are very few groups who dare face us, and whenever one does, it's in for a massive war!

The fc
was formed by the creators and leaders of the Warband Monopoly, which had been dominating warbands unopposed. For every thousand looters that entered the wild, only 2 or 3 would die.
changed this, and there are now hundreds, if not thousands of deaths every event.

stood alone against the united empire of leechers (looters who refuse to fight or help their friends). However, with time, we have gotten several allies, who have joined up with us in a strife to turn the lootbands into
A list of our allies can be found in the Diplomacy section further down on this page (post 1.8).

has a high PKing standard, and only skilled PKers will pass the trials required to join us (1.4, 1.5). This, combined with being a social community (we're more of a clan than an fc), makes us RuneScape 3's leading social PKing community with almost 301 active PKers (btw) and an average of 25-30 people in the fc at a time.

If you wish to join us in our constant fight for a more lively Wilderness; have a look at our Application Post (1.9), post your own application and start showing the leechers what the 'war' part of warbands stands for!

Also, please notice that this thread is strictly for recruiting purposes only. No discussions are allowed on this thread, and only the ranks mentioned in post 1.2 are allowed to respond to applications. Happy PKing!


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1.2 – Leadership and Rank System


Follo Follo




Welfare Card

Retired Leaders:


Rank System

The ranks in the fc are based on: activity, attitude, performance and more. The only ways you can get demoted are if you go completely inactive or if you commit a very serious offense or a series of averagely serious offenses.

You may also be given a rank in the fc if you are a high rank in an allied fc. This rank will not increase, however, but will be stuck at corporal or sergeant.

All ranks Lieutenant and above are voted on by the leaderboard before promotion is handed out.

Rank Requirements:

- Pass The Freestyle Trial.
- Pass the Tank Trial and have at least one week of consistency activity and contribution to the FC (Activity Trial).
- Remain active and attend events/Wars regularly, plus consistent in using TeamSpeak
- same as Corporal, but must also contribute to finding FC's through scouting or leaks.
- Help with spying, scouting, leading or organizing. Requires more activity and long term loyalty than the previous ranks, and a good attitude.
- Same requirements as Lieutenant, but must also lead events consistently.
- No specific requirements. Given to worthy Captains.

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1.3 – Fc rules

Fc rules:

- No flaming/insulting FC members
- No spamming
- No high doses of immature language
- No negative attitude; destructive feedback, constant complaining, etc
- No inappropriate topics (remember, most players are just teenagers)
- No off-topic conversations during warbands
- You must meet the requirements for our FC - failing to meet gear requirements by the second world will result in a kick from FC and TeamSpeak

Minimum gear requirements (


- Weapon (2h) 80/80/77
- Weapon (dual-wield) Mh80 Oh70 / Mh85 Oh85 or Mh90 Oh70 / Mh80 Oh75
- Helm: 50+/65+/60+
- Body: 50+/65+/60+
- Legs: 50+/65+/60+
- Cape: Team-49
- Gloves: 50+/65+/60+
- Boots: 50+/60+/60+
- Other: 92-96 for Overloads (if <96, prove you can boost Herb to make them), 67 Summoning
- Ring: No requirement, Circuit/Asylum Surgeon's Ring recommended; Ring of Wealth otherwise
- Amulet: Pheonix necklace with games neck in your inventory
- Familiar: Tortoise/Pack Yak for BoB, Steel Titan/Nihil for combat familiars

- Wilderness Sword

All of your armor must also be the same combat style as your weapon.

*Must have the current team-cape in inventory if using a secondary cape item, ask in the FC if unsure.

Requirement terms:

The requirements are only forced during the warband events, and you will be checked to make sure you meet the requirements before each event by the group leader. Once the event is over (usually at about 10-15 minutes after the start) you will be allowed to downgrade your gear to a lower tier for war. Coming undergeared to an event will get you warned and/or kicked after the 1st-2nd world(s).

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1.4 – The Combat Trial part 1:

The trial reason

It's hard for us to know what people of the ones who join us are actually good at PKing and what ones are just joining us to safely get their supplies and then leave without helping out with the PKing.
To prevent leeches from claiming to be good and joining us we've added a system that we'll simply refer to as 'The Combat Trial'

The trial

The trial consists of a set of 1v1 fights against one of our higher ranks in the clan wars white portal. You may choose yourself whether you wish to fight with ranged, mage or melee. The armor and weapons used for this trial are the same as our minimum gear requirements in the previous post.

The inventory and equipment should look like they do when doing warbands - most commonly rocktails, brews, overloads, adrenaline potions and prayer potions will be used in the fight. If you lack any of these items the trial rank may take this into account and downgrade their own inventory.


No phoenix necklaces
No portents
No weapon poison
No scrimshaws
No auras

To be allowed into the fc you must put up with a very good fight. If you aren't experienced enough with PKing to beat your assigned rank, then you will not be added to the fc. You must wait a week before you can attempt the freestyle trial again.

Your assigned rank decides how many attempts you will get, with a minimum of five attempts.

Here is a list of ranks who you may prove yourself against:

- Prod
- ChamiMagi
- Farmer (Glaciation)
- Shawty (Lized)
- Doors
- i3lue
- Empty
- Sliver
- Khalif
- DumpTruckJr
- Eddve

Once your application has been accepted you may begin asking these people in private message for the freestyle trial.

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1.5 – The Combat Trial part 2:

The Tank Trial

The tank part of the combat trial is a test for you who have recently passed the freestyle trial where you get to show us that you will be able to survive in the wilderness – even if piled by multiple people!

You will get added in the FC once you pass the freestyle trial. But you need to pass the tank trial to become a full member of the FC and have a rank higher than smiley. It is your responsibility to contact a trial rank or ask in FC for a tank trial.

How does the tank trial work?


You as a trialist will have to run around inside the white portal for 60 seconds without a shield/80 seconds with a shield while tanking 3 people. If you survive throughout the whole duration you pass.


You are allowed to (and should) use:
– Phoenix necklace and portents
– Protection prayers (reactivate if smashed)
– Any food and potions but Rocktail soups (Rocktails and Sara Brews recommended)
– Abilities (freedom, anticipate, stuns, surge, etc)
– A shield
– With the introduction of Invention, augmentations on your weapons and gear are als recommended.

You also have to use the same armour as you did in the Freestyle Trial.


As mentioned above you will be chased by 3 people, at least one of those must be a trial rank (but not necessarily the one who did The Freestyle Trial with you).

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1.6 - Way of operation

has a unique way of preparing for, doing, and ending Warbands. As our aim is not just to loot, but also to kill as many leechers as possible, we split our fc into groups for warbands if we have enough people (including leaders) online.

Leading and world calling

We usually go in one group with the entire fc. Sometimes we split, however. But regardless of how many groups we have, there is at least one leader per group and this person will announce what worlds there are people to kill and supplies to loot on (we never go to worlds that don't have people). Once the world is called, all members of that group must head to that world, kill all hostiles, and then if they want they may loot.

Helping Allies

Sometimes our allies run into trouble, and call for our help. When this happens, the leader(s) will decide whether to let the allies try to deal with it themselves, or if it's worth coming to their rescue. (Teamcape required for this)


We will always prioritize a war over anything else. Wars are mandatory and are either held during the event or afterwards.

The event ends when all enemies are gone, and aren't coming back.

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1.7 – Diplomacy


We in SixthAgePK feel very strongly about how the Wilderness Warbands activity works. Both we and JaGeX agree (confirmed by Mod Pi) that the way warbands work now is completely unacceptable and that the amount of leeching and lack of PKing going on is a major problem which has to be dealt with.

Until JaGeX releases an update to fix warbands, it's our job in SixthAgePK to make sure the wilderness is still as dangerous as possible. This is the main purpose of SAPK.

– Allies

Our allies are those who, just like us, want to make the wilderness a dangerous place again and who prefer getting their warbands camp as a reward for pking rather than see it as a skilling plot where no fighting should be involved.

– Slayer Nest
– Regiment
– Defcon Army

* Neutrals

Neutral fcs are fcs that are not a part of PK Syndicate and that we work with on a different level. We rarely co-operate with neutral fcs. Instead, we work towards a similar goal but in our own ways.


– Enemies

– CPK + whoever they took in
– Masterbands/103 wb
– Any fc that is not willing to fight for their loot (so called leech fcs) is also considered an enemy of ours.

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1.8 – Out-of-Warbands PKing and other Activities

PKing outside of Warbands

Many of our members are only in the Wilderness for warbands and post-warbands wars. However, we also have many people who do PK in the wilderness outside of the events. The most common activities for SAPK in the wilderness other than warbands are Edge PKing, Chaos Elemental PKing, rev killing and r*v rushing, roaming (looking for people to kill all throughout the wilderness). We always have at least some of our members in the Wilderness. We're a 24/7 Wilderness fc, but only the warbands are mandatory and affect your rank.


We also have many PvMers in the fc. Every day we have teams from the fc who leave to do bosses such as raids, Nex, Kalphite King, Rise of the Six, Vorago and all other bosses worth going to.

As we specialize on PvP and warbands, we do not want people who only do PvM in our fc. Instead, the PvM interest is something to express in the 6h waiting period between warbands if you don't fancy world 2 PKing.

Social 24/7 chat

The chat is up and filled with people all around the clock (peak hours late afternoon GMT). All members are free to stay in the fc between events to chat or discuss (as long as it is not too heated or inappropriate).

SAPK Events

We occasionally arrange SAPK events in the fc. These can be either milestone celebrations such as our massive six month anniversary and one year anniversary, or just a fun event on a late Saturday evening. They are always just for fun where all members are welcome.

SixthAge Official Clan

SAPK also has an official clan headed by some of the high ranks in the Friends' Chat; from a fun social chat to regular PvM events, all are welcome to join the clan even if you do not end up becoming a member of SAPK. For more information, pm Ponamis, RainOfHatred, or Naturare for more information.

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1.9 * Joining us

Private fc

To join us, you will need to fill in an application
using the template below. If your application passes you will offered a chance to do the trials.

Fc loyalty

Once you've successfully been accepted into SAPK it's very important that you only
use SAPK or allied fcs for warbands. Using a hostile fc will get you permanently banned
from SAPK.

Please copy and paste the template below and provide us with your personal answers if you wish to join us:


Combat level:

PKing experience:

Reason for wanting to join us:

TeamSpeak 3 is mandatory for wave, are you willing to use it?

How long have you been around warbands for and what fcs have you been a
part of?

Who referred you to SAPK?

Which combat style do you wish to use for the trial (1.4)?

Have you understood 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5?

Do you have wildy sword?

Your own comments (optional):


Here is an example of what your application could look like:

Combat level: 127

PKing experience: Used to pk casually before EoC. Been PKing for a few weeks in EoC
and know most of what I need to know.

Reason for wanting to join us: I want to join a good PK clan to kill people and there are very few left on RS3.

TeamSpeak 3 is mandatory for wave, are you willing to use it? Yes

How long have you been around warbands for and what fcs have you been a part of? A couple of months. Used to go with Duck WBs and WBO but left as I want more PKing.

Who referred you to SAPK? My friend RSN Face123

Which combat style do you wish to use for the trial (1.4)? Range

Have you understood 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5? Yes

Do you have wildy sword? Yes

Your own comments (optional): N/A

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