The Questing Clan {†10}

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Runescape name & previous name(s):

CraftyMagpie - played on and off for 13 years with lots different accounts

Sponsor's name: Wolfie

Have you read our rules? Do you agree with them?: maybe ;P

Do you accept to becoming part of the Clan Quest family, and will you respect other members, even if your opinions differ?: I love questing and recently returned to runescape, would love to find people to quest with!

Have you created an account on our offsite (mandatory for full membership)? What is the name for your offsite account you created (we will have an admin authenticate your account)?:

yes - bluemagpie, awaiting to hear back

Total Quest Points?: 98

Favorite Quest? Why?:

it as to be dragon slayer, 12 years ago it was the ultimate challenge along with the build up to the quest, before I got membership

Least Favorite Quest? Why?:

can't remember but that goblin dye one was pretty annoying

Total Level?: 1254

How did you learn about our clan?: google

Would you rather walk a mile in another man's shoes, or carry the man the mile?: I would shot him with my bow and arrow, steal his shoes and take he's money

If you close both eyes, can you still see?: no but I can still hear and feel

If you know what you do not know, do you know everything?: we should always try and learn something new every day!

Do you have any questions about this clan, e.g. its threads, the application, etc.?
just looking for friendly people to be about too complete quests with and have a good time!
I also have membership

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Wolffi of the Iron Paw
indisputably awesome
unbelievably handsome
, think that
is a good fit for Clan Quest. I understand I cannot sponsor another applicant until such a moment that the applicant is promoted to a full member or is no longer member of this clan.

Master Quest Cape & Max Cape & Completionist

Looking for clan

15-Oct-2017 18:36:09

Tyco elf
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Tyco elf

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Hi CraftyMagpie. You have completed 43/232 quests which unfortunately is below the 20% quest requirement we have. You can however complete this requirement after completing 46 quests in total, meaning I can accept your application if you finish 3 more quests.

Since you have done an excellent job of answering the questions, fullfilling the other requirements and that Wolffi has confirmed your sponsorship, I will invite you as soon as the last requirement is fulfilled.

Tyco the elven elfborne of the elves.
Head of the Low Council
The adventurer that has done 101 crazy things that would blow your mind.

15-Oct-2017 18:45:25

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