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Hi Mimi of 3,

Sorry my bad, I did not page back.

Welcome to Clan Quest! I've approved your application and would like to point you to our website at where you can make a further introduction and introduce yourself if you like. If you want we also have a Discord server that you can access too!

Either myself or one of the officers will shoot you an invite into CQ soon when we see you in Clan Chat.

Welcome again.

15-Nov-2019 23:02:14

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Have you read our rules? Do you agree with them?: Yeah!

Do you accept to becoming part of the Clan Quest family, and will you respect other members, even if your opinions differ?: Yeah! - Respect the people but perhaps not their opinions.

Have you created an account on our offsite (mandatory for full membership)? What is the name for your offsite account you created?: Kedgeworth.

Total Quest Points?: 409!

Favorite Quest? Why?: The World Wakes. It's what made me realise lore in RS wasn't secondary. With Guthix's impression being pretty much just some slow, meme-y god from a once famous YouTube series - I didn't have high hopes.

Least Favorite Quest? Why?: Sheep.. Shearer.. asking why is prohibited.

Total Level?: 2417

How did you learn about our clan?: Tyco Elf ran into me at Lumbridge and noticed my quest cape (that I'd achieved 2 days ago) and had a nice conversation with me and taught me some PVM stuff. That was really nice.

Would you rather walk a mile in another man's shoes, or carry the man the mile?: I'd rather experience each side to nurture my empathy.

If you close both eyes, can you still see?: Doubtful..?

If you know what you do not know, do you know everything?: If knowing everything involves knowing incorrect things then I'm not sure if.. I lost my train of trash there. It's late. I'm going with no.

Do you have any questions about this clan, e.g. its threads, the application, etc.? I'll ask in the guest chat if I think of any.

19-Nov-2019 00:05:45

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Greetings Kedgeworth

I have reviewed your application you have 409 quest points and have answered every question thank you for that, we have accepted you as one of us.

please visit the clan chat when you can and i or another noob can invite you, remember to visit the offsite and post a introduction so you can see the full forums

join the discord we announce all sort of things on both

leave your kebabs at the door and praise the hoods.

welcome to the clan!
your kebabs are mine

19-Nov-2019 00:17:55

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