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Rs Name: IronManBro
type of ironman: regular ironman
Total level: 657
how long have you been playing runescape for: played 7 years ago but now around 6 months
Goals on runescape: get a max cape or learn pking
favorite skill: hunter but for f2p its strength
Do u agree to follow all of the rules?: yes
Time zone: PDT
How did u find out about us?: egavaSavage during ogress's
Why do u want to join?: looking for a great community with common intrests
Tell us something about yourself: im 17, living in Canada and I suck at pking

01-Oct-2019 22:41:36

Arbre de Vie

Arbre de Vie

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Hi Tocf,
I think you might be muddling us up with the OSRS clan 'F2P IM Clan'. We are a RS3 'friends chat' here (the same system as the clan chats in OS) not a clan, and are open to any type of player on any type of account (though we keep the game content chat focused on RS3 F2P Ironman accessible content). We don't have membership in the same way that a clan does, folks just drop in and out at will.

If you want the f2p ironman clan for OS, you can get to their thread by clicking here.
AKA Treemaid

19-Oct-2019 11:55:07

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