Fruit trees not growing!!!

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Welsh Pride
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Welsh Pride

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Hi forums,

I planted 7 fruit trees almost 48hours ago. I am aware of the growth cycle windows and haven't logged in or out 5 minutes either side. This has never happened to me before and nothing has changed in my farming trip/routine. I have paid the farmer, used compost but the trees haven't grown past the fourth cycle. I should have been able to harvest them over 25 hours ago.

Please advise how this can be resolved. The only other solution I can think of is to clear the trees and start again however there is no guarantee this won't happen again. This would obviously be a complete waste of resources. I'd also like the NPC farmers that I have paid to provide a full reimbursement and to also request Jagex to review their NPC payroll as I am paying for their services and they're clearly not doing their job right.

Al jokes aside, how can I solve this????


15-Sep-2019 18:57:34

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16-Sep-2019 01:00:53

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Hi Welsh Pride,

It is frustrating when trees take longer than expected to complete their growth.
A possible explanation I can think of is your trees became diseased. If you had not paid the farmer, they would most likely have died.

My understanding is if you have paid the farmer to look after your trees, and the trees become diseased, then the tree is treated by the farmer and the growth of that tree is extended.

A tree may become diseased more than once in its growth cycle while being looked after by the farmer, each time extending the time it takes for the tree to mature.

Perhaps on this occasion you have been very unlucky, and the growth cycle has been extended for all your tree patches due to being lengthened due to becoming diseased, perhaps even on all growth cycles, which would be really unlucky.

If it is unreasonably long time, then perhaps send a bug report.
I hope they complete their growth cycles for you soon.
Best of luck,
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16-Sep-2019 01:32:04

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