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Tim Myers
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Tim Myers

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:) Welcome ...

Would you be interested in starting a small community based around RuneScape knowledge? Over the next couple of days, I will be looking for experienced players centered around the needs of the community base. We also welcome anyone looking for help so that we can adapt to helping you better!

I've created a Discord Server focused around hanging out and helping others. There will be channels for help, achievements, teaming, and lore, to mention a few. We are looking for passionate players who are willing to devote their knowledge and skills in helping other players.

Please copy the link below to join our Discord server.

This is a new Discord server created one day ago. Please be courteous and patient to the growing player base that will be arriving. Give it time is all I ask.

We look forward to seeing new players join, and offer help. If you have any questions, please reply here, or message me in-game. If I am online, I am available. Please keep the criticism to a minimum, and only through private chat. We do not need that on the forums.

I am aware that there are other Discords out there. We in no way wish to take any player base from other Discords, and hope them the best in their interests towards helping all of you!
I'm a very driven player, and would actively be participating in the help. I just need others to do so as well! If you do not plan to help, even your presence will help grow the channel. If you use Discord in general, we could use you! For anyone seeking answers to RuneScape related questions, please give us a chance to help you out.

Thank you, and I hope to see you soon! :D
Looking for a friendly channel to discuss RuneScape news & updates?
Do you need help with anything RuneScape related, or just want to hang out?

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Join the Public RS Discord Server!

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