augmented dragon hatchet

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Sakura 4
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Sakura 4

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On the wiki it says disassembling an augmented item at level 9 gives 378k exp. And at level 10 gives 540k exp.

Now when I go to dissasseble my level 10 dragon hatchet it says I will gain 378k exp.

Shouldn't that be 540k?

Can anyone clarify please?

08-Oct-2019 14:55:54

Jeremy C
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Jeremy C

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Sakura 4 said:
so what will give 540k when disassembling?

The highest amount of xp a dragon hatchet will give is 378k.

The only other hatchet that will grant a higher amount of xp from disassembly/siphoning is the crystal hatchet, which will earn 459k xp (level 10 for disassembly; level 12 for siphoning). You can also use a crystal tool siphon on a crystal hatchet to gain 621k xp when the hatchet is level 12.
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16-Nov-2019 01:19:54

Aethel Wolf
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If you had happened to read this article, then the exp table shown there is based on a tier 80 equipment. It would be best to visit the article for the equipment you want to disassemble.

Sadly there are no hatchets that are tiered 80, and therefore provide 540k exp when disassembled at level 10. Your best bet would be using the crystal hatchet and siphon with the crystal tool siphon as Jeremy C mentioned.

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