HCIM and Low Level Tree Seeds

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Hi DedGrlWalkin,

I don't think you're missing anything. I think fruit seeds are difficult to get when you are lower level and ironman. Monsters mostly drop tree seeds rather than fruit, and stores, and thieving also follows that trend, excepting the Jadinko lair, and vinesweeper which as you have said doesn't have lower level fruit seeds.
The main place I can think of for getting level 27 farming seeds, and main place to get fruit tree seeds is from bird's nests.

Sources of bird's nests are woodcutting with rabbit's foot necklace, but that is very slow.
I think ironmen are able to do evil trees which can have nests as a reward which may have lower level fruit tree seeds.
Giant mole is good source, but at low level ironman isn't safe.
Coeden's seed store sells fruit seedlings, but for that you need to be able to access Priffidas and higher levels..
Gnome restraunt may give nests as a reward which may have fruit tree seeds in them, but that is also slow.
I think the main source for apple seeds on grand exchange would probably be from nests obtained from Kingdom of Miscellania, but that is also not attainable at lower level.

I think evil trees would be easiest of the above choices I can think of for obtaining nests if you're lucky enough to get them as a reward, and therefore fruit tree seeds.

I'm sorry I can't think of any more options, but I hope some of the above helps.
Very best of luck with it, and with your ironman account.
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