RuneScape Guides and Help Rules


This Forum is an amazing place for guides, help and advice offered player to player.

I’ve just completed my first quest! Can I post a guide for it in the Guides Forum?
If you wrote a step-by-step walkthrough, you’d be taking away that sense of satisfaction from other would-be heroes. We’d prefer it if you didn’t post quest walkthroughs.

I wrote a guide to being as tough as Chuck Norris in real-life. Should I post it in the Guides Forum?
Firstly, nobody is as tough as Chuck Norris. Secondly, Chuck Norris isn’t relevant to RuneScape (sorry Chuck). If a guide’s about a subject that’s unrelated to RuneScape then you should use the Off Topic Forum.

Thatguy121’s guide looks really awesome – I’m going to take it and post it under my name
This is called plagiarism and goes against the “appropriate content” rule. Please don’t copy other people’s hard work!